GNOME Summary October 20-26, 1999

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 16:30:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Havoc Pennington <<a
To: gnome-announce-list@gnome.org, gnome-list@gnome.org

This is the GNOME Summary for October 20-26.

Table of Contents

1) GNOME Documentation Project has a home page
2) User FAQ Updated
3) Japanese GNOME User Group
4) Speaking In Japan
5) Development release of GNOME core
6) Copyright Notices
7) MICO-to-GNOME authentication bridge
8) WindowMaker dock app applet needed
9) Hacking Activity
10) New and Updated Software

1) GNOME Documentation Project has a home page

Dave Mason has created a web page, assembled a documentation
team, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Check it out:


Of course we have some really nice documentation already (such
as the free User’s Guide and free developer books), but now we have
infrastructure for future documentation.

Dave also posted about the API documentation status:


2) User FAQ Updated

One of the documentation project’s first steps was updating the
FAQ, read here:


3) Japanese GNOME User Group

Continuing GNOME’s international flavor and appeal, we have a
new user group in Japan, announced here:


4) Speaking In Japan

I’m giving a GNOME talk in Japan on November 1st, then there
will be a GNOME BOF on November 2.

Read here:


or the page in Japanese:


If you’re in Japan, consider stopping by one or both events.
There will also be talks by RMS, Werner Koch (GNUPG), and Kennichi
Handa (Emacs/MULE).

5) Development release of GNOME core

An ALPHA, UNSTABLE release of the gnome-core and gnome-applets
modules came out this week.


There are lots of nifty new features, described at the above
URL. Note: this is an unstable release. DO NOT expect us to support
it. If it breaks, you keep both pieces.

That said, please do try it out if you’re willing to send
patches and bug reports.

6) Copyright Notices

A reminder, inspired by a recent incident now resolved and

– Before using someone else’s code, ask that person (it’s just
– Always retain copyright notices on code that you use (it’s the
– Always add copyright notices to code that you write

This applies to code in CVS as well as “released” code; remember
that our CVS repository is mirrored into anonymous repositories all
over the world.

7) MICO-to-GNOME authentication bridge

Stefan Westerfeld has written an add-on for MICO so that it will
use the GNOME authentication system and can talk to ORBit and GNOME
applications. Very nice.

Read about it here:


Some clarification, if you aren’t familiar with CORBA:

– ORBit and other ORBs (such as MICO) have no problem
– However, there is no standard way to _authenticate_ CORBA
connections. Thus GNOME and KDE have different solutions.
– This is the problem Stefan has addressed.

It is not a hard problem, but it is a problem that no one had
stepped up to work on.

8) WindowMaker dock app applet needed

See this mailing list post, and followups:


Basically we need a panel applet that will swallow WindowMaker
dock apps, and do the panel communication for them. In particular,
you can swallow the dock apps now if you aren’t using
Enlightenment, but the panel forgets about them since it doesn’t
know how to restart them; an applet wrapper would cure this. An
applet wrapper could also present a property box to select what app
to put inside it, etc.

9) Hacking Activity

734 commits this week.

Module Score-O-Matic:
(number of CVS commits per module, during this week)

95 gnome-core
45 entity
41 gimp
40 gxsnmp
35 gnumeric
30 gnome-pilot
29 gnome-libs
26 gnome-applets
24 gtk–
20 gtkhtml
18 gnome-pim
17 dr-genius
15 web-devel-2
15 libsigc++
14 libgtop
13 gdk-pixbuf
11 rosegarden
11 glade–
11 bug-buddy

User Score-O-Matic:
(number of CVS commits per user, during this week)

48 unammx
40 dcm
36 jberkman
34 sopwith
34 kenelson
32 jirka
30 imain
25 gregm
22 martin
19 andersca
18 jrb
18 eskil
17 kmaraas
15 mwimer
15 dres
14 davidsa
12 hp
12 christof
11 remlali
10 tml
10 neo
10 mmeeks
10 jaka

10) New and Updated Software

graham – document organizer
gimon – ISDN monitor
GMatH – math program
gbox_applet – mail watcher applet
gnometris – Tetris clone
Nightfall – Astronomy program
sawmill – Nice window manager
GProc – process list
gmessage – like xmessage
MiniCPPEnvironment – Simple IDE thing, looks neat, see screenshot
in software map
GMail – mail client
gnome-pilot – Palm Pilot tools
Quest – Role playing game
gnome-core – GNOME core components
gnome-applets – GNOME panel applets
morpheus – 3D model viewer
Picview – image viewer
gxsnmp – network monitor tool
gnome-ttt – Tic Tac Toe
Gnome Toaster – CD burner
DPS FTP – ftp client
elknews – news client
Pygmy – mail client

See the software map on http://www.gnome.org (or Freshmeat) for more information about
any of these packages.

Until next week –


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