GNU Linux-Libre 5.16 Kernel Released for Those Seeking 100% Freedom for Their PCs

Based on the Linux 5.16 kernel series, the GNU Linux-libre 5.16 kernel is here to introduced an analogous firmware_reject_builtin function for the new firmware_request_builtin call in Linux kernel 5.16, as well as to unify the various separate shell functions used by the cleanup scripts to disable request_firmware and the _nowarn variant, and extended them to also clean up the _builtin variant.

In addition, the GNU Linux-libre 5.16 kernel removes blob names from various new drivers added in Linux kernel 5.16, including the mt7921s and rtw89 (8852a) Wi-Fi drivers, the ili210x touchscreen driver, the i.MX dsp remoteproc driver, qdsp6 audio driver, and the devicetree files for AArch64 (ARM64) qcom variants.