GoboLinux: An Interview with Lucas Villa

[ Thanks to Mayank
for this link. ]

Mayank Sharma: So why did you break away from
the traditional FHS? Are there any particular advantages?

Lucas Villa: The major aim was to have a
simple way of creating and sharing binary packages from programs
compiled and installed from their source code. Splitting the
filesystem tree into per-program subtrees was the most logical
thinking, as packages could be created just by compressing its
directory, or removed by deleting that. Another interesting
advantage is that more than one version of the same program can be
installed in the system at a given time, as each version lives
inside its own directory. And this gives us a very unique feature:
no database is needed to tell which packages are installed and what
files each of them offer; that’s just a matter of checking the
directory contents inside /Programs…”

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