Groklaw: Groklaw Takes A Closer Look at the ABI Files

[ Thanks to Bill
for this link. ]

“This article is the result of a group research project,
compiled and primarily written by Frank Sorenson with Pamela Jones.
The special footnoted article explaining some of the terms for
nonprogrammers was written by Nick Richards. The research group was
primarily composed of Frank Sorenson, Dr. Stupid, Harlan Wilkerson,
Rand McNatt, Roland Buresund, and Pamela Jones, all of whom
contributed both research and writing, with input from some Linux
kernel contributors. Everyone worked on editing, including an
invited group of Groklaw regulars. However, Frank carried the load
more than anyone else, so his name is on the finished article.

“We are now publishing the article and welcome Groklaw readers’
further contributions, corrections, improvements, and comments.
This is an ongoing project. This article is the first in a series
where we’ll discuss the System V UNIX ABI, or Application Binary
Interface. We approached the research as, What if Linus Torvalds
had not already claimed paternity of most of the header files? Then

“The article will first explain what the ABI is and what it
does, then discuss whether the code was released under the GPL and
if so whether management at SCO knew and approved, and finally show
how the Linux files that pertain to this do not appear to be
infringing files that SCO can claim…”


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