GtkAda-0.5 has been released

Joel Brobecker

Emmanuel and I are pleased to announce the release of
GtkAda-0.5. This is still called a beta version, although we
consider it really stable now. We are actually waiting for gtk1.2
to call GtkAda a stable version.

GtkAda 0.5 release (Beta code)
– ——————————

GtkAda is an Ada95 binding of Gtk+ version 1.1.14. It allows you
to develop graphical applications in Ada95 using Gtk+.

Currently, all widgets of the Gtk+ 1.1 series have been bound.
The binding for the Gdk part is not complete yet, but is already
pretty much in place.

To test our binding, the testgtk program have been almost
completely re-implemented and is also distributed with the

LSM entry follows :
Title: GtkAda
Version: 0.5
Entered-date: 03FEB99
Description: Ada95 binding to Gtk+ (version 1.1.14)
Keywords: Ada95 Ada Gtk+ Gtk X Gui
Author: Emmanuel Briot [email protected] and Joel Brobecker
[email protected]
Maintained-by: [email protected] and [email protected]
Primary-site: http://ada.eu.org/gtkada/
Original-site: http://ada.eu.org/gtkada/
Platforms: SunOS-5.5.1 Linux-2.0.35 Linux-2.0.36
Copying-policy: GPL (with a slight modification, see headers of