Heading for KDE 1.1.2 release

By Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel
(submitted by Martin Konold)


1. Start of release Week 1
2. Application Freeze 4
==> 3. Translations 6+x
4. Source release 8+x
5. Final release 9+x

Current estimate: x ~= 4 weeks ;-(

TODO: Finish the icons and themes

Please consider the KDE_1_1_BRANCH to be frozen!

This means that changes to the code are only allowed if

  • they fix critical bugs
  • they have been approved by at least two developers

Changes that do not match these criteria will be reverted.

Exceptions from this rule are only translations, documentations
and additions by the artists team.

TODO: Test the KDE_1_1_BRANCH

Now that the code is frozen, please check it out and test it on
as many machines and OSes as possible to ensure everything is

Coolo made tarballs of the current KDE_1_1_BRANCH availabe via
ftp.kde.org, so everybody is encouraged to get the stuff and give
it a try.

You can get the tarballs at:


TODO: Update the translations

If there are any translations that still have to be completed,
this is the right time to do so.


  • Output of the team currently know as the “Artist Team”

Current state:

  • 90-95% of the 48x48pixel-hicolor-icons are done.
  • 15 % of the 32x32pixel-hicolor-icons are done (These take
    *much* less time than the large icons)
  • 20 % of the themes are done.

The following modules already contain a full set of

  • kdegraphics
  • korganizer

We hope to be able to commit the icons for kdebase within the
next ten days.

As we also want to provide an optional set of 40-color-icons we
are still searching for well-experienced artists who would like to
help us by converting some of the hicolor icons down to 40 colors
(Note: Converting does *not* mean that you should dither them down.
— We would ask you to repaint the icons that were redesigned using
the kde-40-color palette .)

FOR NON-ARTISTS: We will follow the release plan as closely as
possible nevertheless. As the icons will not need code changes, we
can add them after all translations are done etc. So please proceed
as planned.