Heise.de: Intel and HP pick up Linux

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Translation thanks to John Jesmer.

Hewlett-Packard now offers its Firehunter family of products for
Linux, too. Oversight software for administering Internet services
like email, News and Web is of prime importance for Internet
Service Providers, but Firehunter also assists in Intranet
management. Firehunter’s functionality resides in the oversight,
analysis and visualization of performance, quality of internet
services, as well as supporting trouble-shooting with user-friendly
management tools. Until now, Firehunter was made available for
Windows NT and Sun Solaris. HP justified porting to Linux after
surveying its customer base.

Intel has introduced a data-warehousing solution for Oracle
OpenWorld running under Linux, using a four-processor Xeon server.
The application sits atop a 180-Gigabyte Oracle datenbase which is
optimized by using developer- and runtime-modes of Orchestrate by
Torrent (which is optimized for multiprocessor computers). the
system achieves up to 11.7 GByte data throughput per hour. With
this, Intel demonstrates not only the performance capabilities of
its high-end servers, but also provides an impressive endorsement
of Linux as appropriate for high-capacity server-driven

In an OpenWorld forum, Ken Shand, manager of Intel’s Server
department (Linux program), mentioned future plans of the chip
manufacturer: next year, Intel will further build on its Linux
commitment. Among others, it seems to be planning to offer
technical support to Linux developers, along with test system
harware. Of course, Intel’s emphasis on multiprocessor assembly
closely follows this developmental support.