Hopkins FBI for Linux (Rolling Demo)

christophe Jacquet

Hopkins FBI is a new commercial game. It is an adventure game
which offers many 3D cinematics scenes, hand drawn animations,
sounds and great musics. the rolling demo is available on http://www.hopkinsfbi.com.

Special Agent Hopkins has just been put on the biggest case of
his life : find and kill Bernie Berkson, the most vicious and
dangerous criminal in years. Hostage showdowns, murders terrorist
acts: Special Agent Hopkins has to get around a nightmare of traps
and twisted surprises in the course of his investigations if he
wants to find Berkson and save the planet form certain

Let’s just stay that if Quentin Tarentino had ever created video
game, it would have been “Hopkins FBI”

Hopkins FBI is a game drawing on American comic-strip cartoons.
The action takes place in the present day, in an undefined city of
the USA. It is a click-and-play adventure game.The hero of the
game, Hopkins, is an FBI agent who at the start, is investigating a
bank robbery. But very soon, the plot turns angry on him: a
hardened criminal he had arrested years before succeeds in escaping
from the prison where he was held, and is out to seek revenge on