How to REALLY Survive Your First Year as a Developer

The email started out by explaining how the office is not like your dorm room, the college study hall, or the workspace in your parent’s house. What exactly is a “college study hall” anyway? Study hall was something I slept through in high school, but don’t think it existed in college. Maybe the trainer went to some liberal arts college where these grandiose study halls were prevalent, but I’m betting most computer science majors spent most of their time in a dark room in front of a computer screen.

I have also experienced many office spaces that were exactly like dorm rooms – or even fraternity houses. And some newbie developers are allowed to work from home – although sadly that may mean evenings and weekends.

My point is that it’s dangerous to make broad assumptions about work environments. Every place is different. Every workspace, work relationships, job responsibilities and most important, work culture, can be very different from place to place.