Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries for Linux

Francisco Burzi

Linux Preview is developing applications for Linux.
Our goal is to demonstrate that with a little effort and will-power
Linux Multimedia applications can be created for the entertainment
of all the family, turning Linux into an Operating System for
Desktop use .

Hubble Space Telescopes Discoveries is a multimedia software
designed in an informative and educative character for all the
family and people who are themselves attracted by Astronomy. The
program has hundreds of hi-res images in where are Galaxies, Black
Holes, stars, planets, etc. that are discovered thanks to the
Hubble. The file of images contains photographies from year 1,994
to 1,998 and each image is accompanied by an explanatory text
written by NASA where the discovery is detailed. In addition the
program offers an historical vision of the Hubble, as well as the
story of the mission that repaired the main lens after being
discovered an optics fault and a series of comparative images of
before and after the repairs, also is a schematic cut of the
Telescope explaining each one of its parts and their operation. In
case it was little we added an option to see the best photographies
of the Hubble.

This software in under development and there isn’t public
download yet. We estimate that in 2 or 3 weeks the version 1.0 will
be released to free download.

Also, we need bilingual contributors to translate some text from
English to Spanish, the software will be in both languages.

For details, visit:

Linux Preview Home:

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