Humble Team and Game Developers Share Their Linux Experience

Richard Esguerra, Humble Bundle organizer:

It’s a pretty organic process. We basically try to put together a bundle that we think our customers will be super-excited about. Our conversations with developers are usually about a bunch of factors, like what the developers’ plans are, platform porting plans, etc. And then at a certain point, the different conversations about what’s possible roughly line up and turn into a drive for a specific Humble Bundle. (But things can shift even after that point if someone participating comes up with a wild idea that would be cool for the bundle.)

Did you expect 2 000 000 dollars in only 24 hours?

Richard Esguerra:

We went into it knowing that these are some of the best games of the last couple of years (and they’re personal favorites of folks on the Humble Bundle team too), so we definitely had high hopes and high expectations. But every bundle is a new rodeo and we’re never quite sure what to expect. 🙂