IBM developerWorks: GNOME’s not Microsoft, but they do have a lot in common

“GNOME project’s founder shares the latest on GNOME at
developerWorks event.”

“To a room full of developers at the latest developerWorks’
Barcode event in Boston, the GNOME project founder, Miguel de
Icaza, gave an update on the project and a reluctant nod to

“At developerWorks’ most recent Barcode event in Boston, Miguel
de Icaza was the main attraction during his speech to over 300
software developers and software-developer-hangers-on, on a subject
understandably close to his heart, GNOME. GNOME, one of Linux’s
answers to the ever-popular Windows GUI and development platform,
is among the most popular platforms on Linux and other free
operating systems. GNOME is continuing to expand under the
anything-but-stilted guidance of its dynamic young founder, to
include newly developed spreadsheet software from de Icaza’s own
venture, Helix Co., and the planned completion of a component
architecture based on Microsoft’s OLE2.”