IDG.net: GNU launches free encryption tool

“Open-source software group GNU yesterday announced the release
of its message-encryption tool GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) version

The privacy-protection program, which is available now, is
billed as a replacement for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
Because GnuPG does not use patented algorithms
such as IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm), as well as
the fact that it was developed outside of the U.S., it is not
subject to export restrictions as PGP is, the group said.”

“This was all developed outside the U.S., and that was done
deliberately so GnuPG could be distributed both inside and outside
the U.S.,” according to Brian Youmans, distribution manager at the
Free Software Foundation, Inc. (FSF), which was originally created
to support the GNU Project.”

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