Information Week: Products With Promise

“As 1999 rolls around, it’s still not obvious that Netscape’s
source code strategy for Communicator 5.0 has gained the company
anything except the nodding approval of freedom-loving hackers on
the Net. Our guess is that, even though it’s not a pure open-source
approach-Netscape has its own licensing model for the source
code-it will reap rewards from letting the Net innovate with its
source. That, in turn, may galvanize other companies to follow
suit. Businesses and developers have never been this high on the
prospect of open source in the enterprise and it’s definitely on an
upward curve as we head into 1999.

More than a few companies have confessed to using Linux as one
of their strategic server platforms, and Apache still rules as the
Web server of choice for scalable, high-performance