InfoWorld: Developers, ISVs await standardized XML schemas

“With Extensible Markup Language (XML) support becoming a given
in many products, the second phase of XML has begun. Companies are
now looking to develop standardized ways to share XML-formatted
data to automate their internal and external business

“The whole notion of using XML as the format for
business-to-business integration has a huge value-add in the New
Web Order.”

“Given the `time-to-market’ requirements of today’s industry, we
often cannot wait for a set specification because all too often the
customer wants to have a problem solved today…”

“Mikula thinks the market will shift toward more of a
“specifications Darwinism…”

“The killer XML app will be so compelling, such an immediate
market force, that it will make competitors forget about killing
each other,” said Dave Winer, president of UserLand…”

“XML opens the door to interoperable information,” Bray said.
“My dream: In a decade or so, `proprietary, noninteroperable
information’ sounds as silly as `proprietary, noninteroperable
network’ does today.”

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