InfoWorld: VA Linux unfurls desktop box

“Trying to nudge smaller software developers towards creating
applications for Linux and the Web, VA Linux Systems Tuesday
unveiled an $800 Intel-based desktop system that features a full
range of multimedia capabilities.”

“The StartX SP2, which can be ordered equipped with either a
Celeron or Pentium III chip, is preloaded with Red Hat’s Linux 6.1;
the system will come preloaded with Version 6.2 of the OS by the
end of the month. Enhancements made by VA Linux to the
open-source operating system include performance improvements to
the kernel, recent security upgrades, and a range of bug

“Developers can incorporate a rewritable CD-ROM drive that gives
them the ability to burn their own CDs with music or data, making
data transfer or archiving easier, company officials said. The new
unit also features an integrated LAN and Sound Blaster 128V cards,
which makes available four full-sized PCI slots for other

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