Internet Week: The Next Round Of Linux Wars Continues

“A little while back I penned a column stating that Linux wasn’t
quite ready as a corporate desktop operating system, though it
certainly had plenty of legs in the server room. The Review Bunker
lived up to its name that week, as we withstood five or six days of
e-mail shelling, opinion mortars and general nasty cannon

“Since then, I’ve been keeping an eye open for desktop Linux
users in the real world. Though I haven’t found many, there is
considerable irony in the fact that Grand Central Networks decided
to start using Linux this way. This is mainly reserved for our Web
developers’ desktops, as the graphic artists still use Macs, and
there are a number of Windows machines around for testing…and for
opening Microsoft Office files.”

For a company like GCN, the choice to spend thousands on
outfitting Solaris or SCO-based desktops with state-of-the-art
tools or dropping $39.95 to outfit the entire office with
state-of-the-art tools using hardware we already own really isn’t
any choice at all.