Internet Week: Time To Get Serious About Intranets

“In 1999, open source will cement itself as the key method for
building highly scalable, Internet-age software. Linux will
continue to explode. And by the end of the year, even Microsoft
will have to give a nod to open source, delivering large portions
of (probably mostly useless) Windows APIs to developers. IBM will
buy in whole hog, as it has thus far, and deliver tons of
open-source software on its AlphaWorks site, as well as find a way
to provide support for enterprises using open-source software. Not
everything is rosy, though. A backlash among developers is already
mounting against some open-source “stars” who have risen (some say
without merit) to the level of spokesmen for the movement. And it
may sound like a cliche, but look for some high-profile IT
departments to step forward with firm rules regarding the use, and
potential misuse, of open-source software.”