Introduction to the Moblin Image Creator

[ Thanks to sakgarg
for this link. ]

“I make no pretense that I am in any way a developer. I
have used Linux for some time, and I have a grasp of the inner
workings. The Moblin Image Creator piqued my interest when I heard
about it earlier this year. I wanted to try it out, but didn’t get
the chance until recently. Again, I am not a developer, and I did
not expect everything to work perfectly either while building the
image, or running it on my netbook. I was not suprised, then, when
some things simply didn’t work, as my skills are admittedly lacking
in areas, and the software is still maturing. I was surprised by
how much went smoothly during the entire process, and how the
resulting disk image, while quirky, worked basically as I’d

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