Irish Times: A good idea whose time has come

“Donncha Ó Caoimh looks forward to Linux Awareness in
Ireland Day, next Saturday.”

Linux really has gone mainstream. That was my reaction on a
recent Saturday when looking through the shelves in the Cork branch
of the videogame shop Game. There on a shelf was a little penguin
sticker on a darklooking green box. On a closer look it turned out
to be Tux, the Linux mascot, stuck on a special boxed edition of
Quake2 for Linux.
Finding the Linux version of a well-known
game in a high-street computer store reflects the growth of Linux
in the computer industry over the past year and confirms popular
opinion that Linux can become a viable desktop operating system for
everyone in the near future. ID Software, the company behind such
hit games as Doom and Quake has always supported Linux. Rival
publishers such as Activision and Loki Games are now bringing new
games to Linux, including Civilization: Call to Power, Myth II:
Soulblighter and Railroad Tycoon II. More will follow soon.”

“As most people know by now, Linux is the kernel of a Unix-like
operating system built by volunteer programmers who work together
over the Internet. It has been in development since 1991 and is now
used all over the world by millions of people.”


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