Is Sharing Software Capitalist or Communist?

[ Thanks to D.C.
for this link. ]

“When the idea of sharing software comes up, people frequently
break out in debates over Capitalism vs. Communism. It doesn’t take
long before someone starts equating–derisively, no less–sharing
software with Communism. But since when did the Communists corner
the market on sharing?

“Frankly, I don’t believe Free Software is much of a Capitalist
idea. Nor do I view libre software as particularly Communist. I
view it as eco-politically neutral. But sharing has, in fact, been
a staple of early childhood education–at least when I was a child
(60’s-70’s). Yet, by the time you reach college, you’re being
taught to ‘protect’ your ideas (via copyrights & patents). What
changed? Why the sudden back-peddling on sharing…?”

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