Is the Brogrammer Culture Really So Bad?

Perhaps I was becoming stodgy in my middle age. I started out as a twenty-something programmer and worked with mostly men. But the companies I worked for at that time were big companies with human resource departments that would have had a cow if a poster like that was hung in any office.

I had also recently worked for another startup software firm, but nothing this overtly sexual was ever posted for all to see.

As I was relating this to my wife (who happens to work in HR), she sighed and said, “Lawsuit waiting to happen.”

Evidently, this was part of the “brogramming” culture. I read a recent article on CNN about the continued rise of the male-oriented tech culture, popularized in the movie “The Social Network” about rise of Facebook. The article defined “brogrammer” as a mash-up of “programmer” and “bro,” the stereotypical fraternity-house salute.