Issue #13 a.k.a. “Birthday release” of Georg’s Brave GNU World, the monthly GNU forum has been released

Issue #13 a.k.a. “Birthday release” of Georg’s Brave GNU World,
the monthly GNU forum has been released Hi !

Although this happens to be my birthday I took the time to put
issue #13 of the “Brave GNU World” column online. So I guess one
could also dub it the “Birthday release.” 🙂

The column can – as usual – be found on the GNU Webpage and its
mirrors. Otherwise just follow the links at the end of this

Georg’s Brave GNU World is a monthly column which is being
released simultaneously in five languages (English, German, French,
Japanese and Spanish) on the web and printed in the German
“Linux-Magazin” as well as the “Linux Magazine France.” This makes
it the monthly column with the widest distribution worldwide as far
as I know.

If you would like to receive mail about new issues directly, you
can subscribe to the “Brave GNU World” announcement mailinglist.
Just send mail to [email protected]
with “subscribe” in the *body*. The mailinglist is only for
announcements that are related to the “Brave GNU World” and is of
very low volume (between 1 and 2 mails a month).

The 13th issue covers the following topics:

  • Gcompte (managing your personal finances)
  • Scwm (an extremely extensible window manager)
  • eev (yet another way to use your Emacs)
  • Pliant (a new programming language framework and system)
  • Worldwide Botanical Database (a “Free Science” type

This column intends to provide a forum for all GNU maintainers,
friends and associates and I am always open to suggestions. So if

  • have questions about the GNU Project that might be of general
  • have a GNU Project and would like to improve its profile
  • would like to start a GNU Project you are looking for people to
    start it with
  • think something doesn’t get the publicity it deserves
  • would like to see something made public

send mail to:

“Brave GNU World [email protected]

This column is for everyone with an interest in Free Software,
so don´t hesitate to contact me if your project is under the
GPL/LGPL and you´d like to see it introduced here.

The 13th issue can be found at


[ English version ]


[ French version ]


[ German version ]


[ Japanese version ]


[ Spanish version ]

or via the “Brave GNU World” homepage


[ English version ]


[ French version ]


[ German version ]


[ Japanese version ]


[ Spanish version ]

That´s it for now…


Georg Greve