IT-Director: Linux – the software phenomenon

“Linux is the fastest growing software operating environment in
the world… No longer the rarefied operating environment of Unix
developers, it is making its way onto numerous corporate networks.
… It’s fast becoming the darling of networking vendors and
enterprise users alike, with a very devoted and knowledgeable

“Once prophesied by pundits to be one more in the tragic
line of superior technologies doomed to an untimely demise

(like AmigaDOS, the Next computer workstation line, and IBM’s
OS/2), Linux has instead confounded its critics by establishing
a foothold on enterprise networks.
While Linux was initially
smuggled in through the back door by rebellious engineers, it’s
now rapidly gaining acceptance as an enterprise operating

“Why? Because articles appeared in high-technology publications,
illuminating the attributes of Linux. It outperforms all other
operating environments, including Microsoft’s Windows, when ranked
by customers according to interoperability, cost of ownership,
price, and availability. Indeed, DataPro’s customer satisfaction
poll of eight hundred twenty-nine information systems managers in
large organizations showed Linux trouncing the likes of Open
Server, UnixWare, AIX, NetWare, and, yes, Windows.”

“Linux runs mission-critical software applications. In the
corporate world, the more popular applications include Web servers,
databases, business-process software, e-mail, and firewall