IT-Director: Sun see no Linux push

“At Sun’s earnings briefing yesterday Scott McNealy allegedly
said the he didn’t see the company making a large Linux push,
preferring instead to stick with Solaris.”

“Sun has managed to avoid the onslaught of NT with considerable
success. But Linux, you would have thought, would be a different
proposition for Sun. Open systems, free software. Sounds rather
like what Sun has been preaching for years.”

“The fact is however that as yet Linux isn’t up to the job
that Solaris does
, which gives Sun a bit of breathing space.
For now, while Linux is in its relative infancy, Sun can perhaps
afford to stick to its guns. But once Linux catches up, which
we wholly expect it will, Sun may face a new set of dilemmas

– such as how does it catch up with the Linux competition
once it finally bows to the market and embraces the Linux
revolution. Although perhaps Sun is already working on that?”