IT Week: HP to install Linux on its workstations

“Hewlett-Packard is planning a rollout of Linux workstations
that will begin with two Intel-based models this autumn and
continue with workstations using the company’s PA-RISC processors
next spring.”

“The Visualize PL450 and XL550 will be HP’s first Unix
workstations on the relatively cheap Intel platform.”

“The two machines, which will be the only Intel-based systems in
a range otherwise dominated by systems based on PA-RISC, are
intended for engineering and scientific work. Customer interest
sparked the decision to install Linux on workstations, said Jim
Campbell, technical workstation manager.”

“Earlier this year HP announced an agreement with the Canadian
Puffin Group which was working on a port of Linux to PA-RISC. HP is
understood to be supporting the group with technical information
and hardware rather than cash.”