jEdit: The Force is Strong with This Programmer’s Editor

[ Thanks to Lee
for this link. ]

“In a recent article I referred to the holy wars in the Linux
world without mentioning one of the most common: your preferred
text editor. Different people swear by tools such as Vim, Emacs,
XEmacs, or gEdit. Even so, if you ever work on developing program
code, you should find a lot to like in jEdit, a programmer’s editor
that offers a nice combination of simplicity, speed, and

“The best editor for any particular task is whichever gives you
the right tools for the job. jEdit’s design allows you to use it as
a simple editor, but also use it as an IDE and expand its
functionality via plugins so that it becomes exactly what you want
it to be for the task or language at hand. jEdit is not, however,
an IDE with everything but the Christmas tree, like Eclipse or
Microsoft Visual Studio. Rather, it’s a compact application for
editing code, providing practical tools along with basic IDE

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