JPython relaunches as Jython

[ Thanks to Phil
for this announcement. ]

The Python scripting language for Java, formerly known as
JPython, is about to be relaunched as Jython, and continuing
development of the language will begin shortly after a lengthy
period of uncertainty surrounding its licensing. Jim Hugunin, Barry
Warsaw, Finn Bock, and the Jython programming community deserve a
round of applause for this important step.

Barry Warsaw sent the following message to the JPython mailing
list about the change as Jython separates from the CNRI which has
provided incubation of Python and JPython:

From: barry@wooz.org (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: [JPython] Announcing Jython, the sucessor to JPython

Hello JPython users,

I'm very happy to announce the formation of the Jython project on
SourceForge.  Jython is the successor to JPython, the Java
implementation of the Python programming language.  We've created this
new project in accordance with the CNRI JPython 1.1.x license, in
order to ensure the continued existence and development of this
important piece of Python software.  The intent is to manage this
project with the same open policies that are serving CPython so well.

Finn Bock and I have been working on the next release, to be called
Jython 2.0.  Finn has integrated his JPython errata, and Python 2.0
language features such as augmented assignments, list comprehensions,
and extended print have also been added.  The free Apache Jakarta
OROMatcher software has taken the place of the previously non-free
OROMatcher code for regular expressions, so there will be no further
need to dual license.  Jython 2.0 will eventually be released with a
license similar to CPython 2.0.

I don't know when the first alpha release of Jython 2.0 will happen,
but all the code is currently available in the SourceForge CVS tree.
I will also be converting the old Jitterbug database to the SF bug
tracker as soon as possible.

I've created several mailing lists to support Jython development:


    This list will supplant jpython-interest@python.org and should be
    the general discussion list for Jython users.


    This is an analog to python-dev@python.org, except that it will
    have an open subscription policy.  This is the place for Jython
    developers to discuss and help move the Jython project further.


    A low-traffic, announce only list.


    Similar to python-checkins@python.org, this list will receive CVS
    checkin and diff messages.

All these mailing lists, and all current information on the Jython
project is available at SourceForge, at


I will not be automatically subscribing any current jpython-interest
members to the new lists; that's up to you.

I know Finn joins me when I say that we look forward to working with
you on Jython, and to your contributions in furthering this project's


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