KDE Development News, July 21 – July 27

Java for KDE. The big news this week is from Richard Moore. He has checked in some impressive work into the KDE CVS under the kdejava module. Included are the KDE Java Applet Server (KJAS) and QtAWT.

“KJAS consists of a pure java server which provides a framework for running applets, and a small C++ library containing a KDE widget that displays applets (and a few goodies). The KJAS server can be used independently of the C++ library (for example it would be possible to use the server to add Java applet support to perl/Tk or a shell script).”

QtAWT is a port of the Java AWT to the Qt toolkit, which basically means that Qt can be used instead of the native AWT implementation (generally Motif under Linux). The port uses JNI and should in theory work under any JVM.

Both of these efforts are works in progress and currently of alpha quality. If you are interested in Java for KDE and would like to help, contact Rich.

KDE 1.1.2 status. The latest release schedule from Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel is available. It is estimated that 4 extra weeks will be needed to complete the high-colour icons and themes. A developer is also needed to implement a save option in the theme manager. Please contact Matthias if you can help.

The Artist, Torsten Rahn, put together some more eye candy (inferior JPEG available) showing off the new high-colour icons that will be featured in the upcoming release. Torsten also revealed that none of the included themes will imitate existing GUIs such as that of the Mac due to copyright reasons (A pity, IMHO, since the Mac theme is very nice. It has, alas, also been purged from kde.themes.org.) On the subject, KDE’s trash icon may have to be renamed due to the fact that Apple holds a trademark for the word ‘Trash’.

Meanwhile, people are encouraged to test the latest stuff.

KDE Quickies. Peter Putzer announced version 1.0.0pre1 of KSysV, a graphical editor for SysV-style init. In the eye candy department, Daniel M. Duley made available a new screenshot showing off some of his recent work on themes and styles for KDE 2.0.

Boris Povazay posted an update on the KDE Standard Website Project. It was also revealed that Leon Widdershoven is working on a wizard, KreateProjectHomepage, to complement the project. On the subject of websites, there have been lengthy discussions and proposals on improving the KOffice website; hopefully there will be some public results soon.

Nicholas Wells revealed that he is writing a new KDE book for Macmillan publishing in the US. He needs someone to write the development section for a tidy fee, contact him here. Finally, FREENIX has sent out a call for papers, consider submitting a KDE paper! The deadline is November 29, 1999.

An archive for these reports is available.