KDE.org: The People Behind KDE: Lubos Lunak

Where will KDE be in 2 year’s time? Will you
still be involved? How?

I hope at that time KDE will become something that every person
using computers will know, many of them actually using it. I’d like
to be still developing it at that time.

You are hired to write the script for a commercial for
KDE (like “The Heist” by IBM). What would be the plot?

I once saw a video, most probably taken by a security camera in
some company, which would be a good basis for it. I don’t remember
it exactly, but it was something like: A man is sitting in his
office in front of his computer, typing at the keyboard, doing some
work (you can’t see the screen). Then suddenly he stops typing
while gazing at the monitor. After a moment, he types few more
characters, then suddenly he smashes the keyboard. He continues
typing, again looks at the monitor angrily. Suddenly he grabs the
keyboard, smashes it against the monitor, catches the monitor,
throws it on the ground and kicks it. Now, the KDE part comes of
course. The camera would move a bit, showing Konqi the Dragon
sitting next to this man, working happily at an another computer.
Konqi stops working for a moment, looks at the man, and says :
‘Joe, why don’t you simply use KDE?'”


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