Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.39 (Part 1) – Network drivers and infrastructure

“The addition of ipset support makes it easier to run a
firewall, as it means that only one table needs to be modified in
order to block a specific IP address. The situation with regard to
drivers for WLAN chips continues to improve, with Ralink and
Realtek now actively involved in developing the Linux kernel

“Linus Torvalds’ release emails for the second and third
pre-release versions of Linux kernel 2.6.39 both note a comparative
lack of changes. The calm prior to the RC2 release even prompted
him to speculate whether the kernel developers were “up to
something”. More jocularity of this ilk was evident on the release
of RC3 on Tuesday, but both emails make it clear that he welcomes
the tranquility and is looking forward to a quiet development

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