Kernel traffic newsletter, issue #5, now available

This week’s Kernel Traffic newsletter is now available. Table of

  • Re: linux capabilities and ACLs
  • Cx486SRx2 (Re: cx5x86mod)
  • Re: [patch] fixed 2.2.1 inode-leakage due bogus design of the
    free_inodes algorithm [was [Re:
  • [showstopper] Memory leak in 2.2.1]]
  • Re: sluggish 2.2.1
  • Linux-2.2.2-pre2..
  • Linux Graphics Architecture (format fixed)
  • Framebuffer bug
  • Why isn’t 2.2.2-prex on the mirrors?
  • Real Time scheduler?
  • Re: Kernel interface changes (was Re: cdrecord problems on

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