Korea Herald: Windows 2000 launched in Korea

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“Remarking on the growing popularity of Linux, a free operating
system, Knook said that Linux is not a new system but one that is
based on the old UNIX system. While he conceded that some consumers
would choose Linux, Knook claimed it does not match Windows 2000 in
the breadth of applications and types of hardware it supports.”

“On the server side, if you want functions that offer greater
variety of services, Windows 2000’s offering is much richer,” he
explained. “People who want e-commerce will go with Windows

“Meanwhile, Allix, a Korean software company, began free
distribution of Linux 6.2 Beta last Monday, prior to yesterday’s
launch of Windows 2000.
The company reported yesterday that
over 2,000 people downloaded the Linux operating system on the
first day. It takes about 30 minutes to download Linux 6.2 Beta,
according to the company.”


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