L.S. Colby: “I request that Rob Magazine retract the title of its article.”

By L. S. Colby

Socialism is an economic and political system in which the means
of production are state property.

Depending upon the degree of “purity” of the socialist system,
citizens of a socialist state exist as a collective whose lives are
the property of the state; they go to state schools, work at jobs
assigned by the state, in state owned businesses for the good of
the state as defined by the state.

In the 1930s a variant of this theme was developed in Germany
called National Socialism. It differed from Marxist, Communist and
other European brands of socialism in that the state owned nothing
directly; however, the state managed every aspect of individual and
business activity through the passage of laws and regulations that
made all actions by business and individuals subject to state
control. Thus citizens appeared to own businesses, homes and other
property. In practice, this was no more then a fig leaf over a
dictatorial state. No action could be initiated by business or
individuals without first obtaining approval from a representative
of the state. Individual and business rights to property were
granted when individuals played ball and revoked without notice for
any reason. Those who were stripped of their citizenship did not
fare as well.

A vigorous opposition to this form of dictatorship developed in
the remaining democracies in the world. They joined together to
resist the use of force to spread the doctrines of socialism in
whatever form it took. This opposition joined forces voluntarily,
often a great cost to the citizens of the remaining free states.
During World WAR II this alliance was known as the Allies.

Linux has been developed by people who understand that
dictatorship is unacceptable, no matter how benign it may claim to

Linux is an entirely voluntary activity. Its developers are not
the property of any entity; they are free men and women.

The Linux model of development is enlightened self interest at
its best, the essence of capitalism, and a threat to socialist
demagogues everywhere.

In the Linux world, what school you went to, who you know, what
the media says, public relations, the magnificence of your
suspenders and all the other trappings of a looters economy have no
value. The “aristocracy of pull” has no place here. You must be
productive and only your best will be good enough. Here, its what
you know and what you can do that counts.

There is no greater threat to socialism in any of its forms,
direct or indirect, then business built on enlightened self
interest, the Linux way.

I request that Rob Magazine retract the title of its article. It
is a slur on Linux and all those who donate their time to its
development. Mr. Young characterized Linux as Utopian, not

I assume this article is the result of ignorance and not the
product of malicious intent.