Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.4-rc1


Full Changelog

Ok, as usual, there was a lot of stuff for the -rc1, but as
seems to be more and more true it is mainly in the “periphery”.

This is a big patch, but the bulk of it is a long-overdue MIPS
update, and the (working) HFS/HFS+ filesystem update (total
rewrite), and ISDN updates. And some large s390 driver updates too,
for that matter.

So please keep bigger updates to yourself, and let’s calm this


Summary of changes from v2.6.3 to


  • [TIGON3]: Add Apple tigon3 PCI device id

Adam Belay:

  • PCI: remove unused defines in pci.h

Alan Stern:

  • USB: Remove unneeded and error-provoking variable in UHCI
  • USB: Even out distribution of UHCI interrupt transfers
  • USB: ERRBUF_LEN compiling error when PAGE_SIZE=64KB on
  • USB: Simplify locking in UHCI
  • USB: Mask “HC Halted” bit in the UHCI status register
  • USB Storage: Handle excess 0-length data packets
  • USB Storage: Treat STALL as failure for CB[I]
  • USB Storage: Reduce auto-sensing for CB transport
  • USB Storage: unusual_devs.h fixup
  • USB: Improve UHCI root hub code: descriptor, OC bits, etc
  • USB: More UHCI root hub code improvements
  • USB: Another unusual_devs.h update
  • USB: Repair unusual_devs.h entry
  • USB: Use driver-model logging in the UHCI driver

Alexander Viro:

  • [wan lapb] beginning of cleanups
  • [wan lapb] switch to use net_device instead of custom
  • [wan lapb] Printks switched from %p lapb->token to %p
  • [wan lapb] kill now-unused custom token container
  • [wan hdlc] hdlc_open() switched to net_device
  • [wan hdlc] hdlc_close() switched to net_device
  • [wan hdlc] new port_to_dev() helper
  • [wan hdlc] switch sca_xxx() to use net_device
  • [wan hdlc] hdlc_set_carrier() switched to net_device
  • [wan hdlc] hdlc->attach() switched to net_device
  • [wan farsync] Eliminated a bunch of port->hdlc and
    hdlc_to_dev() uses
  • [wan hdlc] hdlc->proto.*() switched to net_device
  • [wan hdlc] hdlc_cisco: killed ->netdev, hdlc_to_name() and
    hdlc_to_dev() uses
  • [wan hdlc] hdlc_fr: eliminated ->netdev, hdlc_to_dev() and
    hdlc_to_name() uses
  • [wan hdlc_x25] eliminated hdlc_to_dev() and hdlc_to_name()
  • [wan wanxl] eliminated hdlc_to_name() uses and a bunch of
    port->hdlc ones
  • [wan hdlc] switch internal ioctl dispatch to net_device
  • [wan pc300] more direct use of net_device
  • [wan hdlc] new hdlc_stats() helper
  • [wan dscc4] Uses of ->hdlc and hdlc_to_dev() encapsulated
    into dscc4_to_dev()
  • [wan hdlc] switch register_hdlc_device() to take net_device
  • [wan hdlc] new private struct pointer in hdlc_device, and
    helpers for it
  • [wan hdlc] kill embedded struct in various drivers
  • [wan pc300] use alloc_hdlcdev()/free_hdlcdev(). Leak fixed
  • [wan farsync] embedded struct hdlc_device removal
  • [wan dscc4] embedded struct removal
  • [wan hdlc] removal hdlc_to_dev()
  • [wan hdlc] kill embedding of struct net_device
  • [wan hdlc_fr] Switched allocation of net_device to
  • [wan hostess_sv11] sane net_device allocation
  • [wan sbni] sane net_device allocation; plug a bunch of
  • [wan sealevel] Plugged a leak
  • [netdrvr tun] Killed bogus ->init()
  • [wireless airo] switched to sane allocation
  • [netdrvr s390/netiucv] partially sanitized wrt allocation
  • [netdrvr fec] switched to sane allocation. It still leaks on
    failure exits, though
  • [wan sdla] Fixed leaks and double-free
  • [netdrvr isa-skeleton] cleanups and fixes
  • [all over] more kfree -> free_netdev
  • [netdrvr acenic] Race and leak fixes
  • [netdrvr 3c509] Leak fixed
  • [netdrvr apne] resource leak fix
  • [wireless orinoco] check alloc_etherdev for failure
  • [netdrvr s390/lcs] Leak fix
  • [wan] leak fixes in hostess_sv11, lapbether
  • [netdrvr arm/am79c961] Fix for IO-before-request_region
  • [netdrvr saa9730] fix double-free
  • [netdrvr arch/uml] leak fix
  • [netdrvr dvb/dvb_net] fixes
  • [netdrvr shaper] fix double-free
  • [netdrvr s390/qeth] Alloc fixes
  • Remove unused and invalid ‘struct ppp’ definition from
  • [wan] apply hdlc cleanups to new driver pci200syn
  • [PKT_SCHED]: Convert to {subsys,module}_initcall(), fix init
    failure bugs in sch_teql.c
  • [IPV6]: Kill MODULE ifdeffing, common init for sysctls
  • [IPV4/IPV6]: Convert tunnel drivers to unconditional
  • [DECNET]: Zap MODULE ifdefs
  • removal of bogus CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF uses
  • intermezzo ->permission() idiocy
  • typo fix in intermezzo patch
  • au1k leaks, allocation and free_netdev() fixes
  • vlsi_ir leak, allocation and freeing fixes
  • [WANROUTER]: Kill MODULE ifdefs
  • remove init_{etherdev,netdev} and dev_alloc
  • removal of ifdef MODULE from fs/openpromfs
  • Clean up __cacheline_aligned

Alexandre Oliva:

  • Improve code generation for x86 raid XOR functions

Amir Noam:

  • [netdrvr bonding] Cannot remove and re-enslave the original
    active slave
  • [netdrvr bonding] Releasing the original active slave causes
    mac address duplication
  • [netdrvr bonding] Add support for slaves that use
  • [netdrvr bonding] fix build breakage
  • [bonding 2.6] Fix compilation warning in bond_alb.c
  • [bonding 2.6] Save parameters in a per-bond data structure
  • [bonding 2.6] Use the per-bond value of the bond_mode
  • [bonding 2.6] Use the per-bond values of all remaining

Andi Kleen:

  • Intel x86-64 support merge
  • Update i386 microcode driver for x86-64
  • Enable Intel AGP on x86-64
  • Allow P4 oprofile code for x86-64
  • x86-64 merge for 2.6.3
  • New machine check handler for x86-64
  • Run 32bit compat ioctl handlers in BKL
  • Support AGP bridge on Nvidia Nforce3 + cleanup


  • [ARM] Optimise ARM720T Thumb abort unwinding

Andreas Gruenbacher:

  • CONFIG_REGPARM breaks non-asmlinkage syscalls

Andrew Morton:

  • tulip printk warning fix
  • ISDN udpate
  • i4l: hisax deadlock fix
  • Fix for PPP activ/passiv filter
  • ia32 early printk
  • early printk tweaks
  • Remove BDEV_RAW and friends
  • msg.h needs list.h
  • ppc64: Fix prom.c warnings
  • ppc64: fix saved_command_line/cmd_line lengths
  • ppc64: fix debugger() warnings
  • ppc64: iseries IRQ fix
  • loop: remove the bio remapping capability
  • remove useless highmem bounce from loop/cryptoloop
  • loop: BIO handling fix
  • loop.c doesn’t fail init gracefully
  • loop: remove redundant initialisation
  • ACPI PM timer
  • kthread primitive
  • Remove kstat cpu notifiers
  • Minor workqueue.c cleanup
  • Remove More Unneccessary CPU Notifiers
  • Use CPU_UP_PREPARE properly
  • Limit hashtable sizes
  • add Pentium M and Pentium-4 M options
  • gcc 2.95 supports -march=k6 (no need for check_gcc)
  • AMD Elan is a different subarch
  • Documentation: remove /etc/modules.conf refs
  • add some more MODULE_ALIASes
  • bonding alias revert and documentation fix
  • NGROUPS 2.6.2rc2 + fixups
  • Mark intermezzo as broken
  • bd_set_size i_size handling
  • snprintf fixes
  • devfs: race fixes and cleanup
  • Enable coredumps > 2GB
  • MIPS: New 2.6 serial drivers
  • #if versus #ifdef cleanup
  • kNFSd: Fix possible scheduling_while_atomic in cache.c
  • kNFSd: Allow sunrpc/svc cache init function to modify the
  • kNFSd: ip_map_init does a kmalloc which isn’t checked
  • kNFSd: convert NFS /proc interfaces to seq_file
  • kNFSd:fix build problems in nfs w/o proc_fs on 2.6.0-test5
  • md: Print “deprecated” warning when START_ARRAY is used
  • md: Split read and write end_request handlers
  • md: Discard the cmd field from r1_bio structure
  • md: Remove some un-needed fields from r1bio_s
  • md: Avoid unnecessary bio allocation during raid1 resync
  • md: Dynamically limit size of bio requests used for raid1
  • md: Allow partitioning of MD devices
  • dm: Export dm_vcalloc()
  • dm: Move to_bytes() and to_sectors() into dm.h
  • dm: Get rid of struct dm_deferred_io in dm.c
  • dm: Maintain ordering when deferring bios
  • dm: Tidy up the error path for alloc_dev()
  • dm: Correct GFP flag in dm_table_create()
  • dm: Zero size target sanity check
  • dm: Remove redundant spin lock in dec_pending()
  • dm: drop BIO_SEG_VALID bit
  • 8259 timer ack fix
  • Fix printk level on non fatal MCEs
  • MCE fixes and cleanups
  • Rename bitmap_snprintf() and cpumask_snprintf() to
  • OSS: remove #ifdef’s for kernel 2.0
  • remove kernel 2.2 #ifdef’s from {i,}stallion.h
  • kbuild documentation fix
  • adfs: remove a kernel 2.2 #ifdef
  • defer panic for too many items in boot parameter line
  • cpufreq_scale() fixes
  • Minor cross-compile issues
  • /proc thread visibility fixes
  • drivers/char/vt possible race
  • off_t in nfsd_commit needs to be loff_t
  • skip offline CPUs in show_free_areas
  • fix display of NBD in /proc/partitions
  • cleanup patch that prepares for 4Kb stacks
  • 3c59x: bring back the `enable_wol’ option
  • Oprofile: fix nmi_timer_int detection
  • oprofile: ARM infrastructure
  • oprofile: add Pentium Mobile support
  • remove max_anon limit
  • Fix __release_region() race
  • Documentation on how to debug modules
  • Module headers cleanup
  • add clock_was_set() to all architectures
  • Fix race in epoll_ctl(EPOLL_CTL_MOD)
  • slab: remove extraneous printk
  • do_swap_page() return value fix
  • ide-tape: remove obsolete onstream support
  • Disable bootmem warning
  • dm-crypt
  • Fix make rpm when using RH9 or Fedora
  • menuconfig: fix the check for ncurses-devel
  • Inefficient TLB flush fix
  • sf16fmr2 radio card driver
  • Remove overenthusiastic BUG in smp_boot_cpus
  • Codingstyle update
  • smbfs: support the loop driver
  • Fix sprintf modifiers in usr/gen_init_cpio.c for cygwin
  • wireless/Kconfig enable/select complete replacement
  • tuner driver fixes
  • crc32.c copyright fix
  • Add C99 initializers to arch/i386/pci/fixup.c
  • mark ftape un-removable
  • aio sysctl parms
  • ramdisk cleanup
  • slab: print slab name in kmem_cache_init()
  • prevent ptrace from altering page permissions
  • slab: hexdump for check_poison
  • page_add_rmap(): remove meaningless test
  • Add CONFIG for -mregparm=3
  • Use -funit-at-a-time on ia32
  • Add noinline attribute
  • use noinline for rest_init()
  • gcc-3.5: bonding
  • fix access() POSIX compliance
  • fix pfn_valid on ia32 discontigmem
  • ia32: pfn_to_nid fix
  • ia32: disallow NUMA on PC subarch
  • config option for irqbalance
  • print some x86 build options during oopses
  • show_task() fix and cleanup
  • show_task() is not SMP safe
  • ppc64 compile fix
  • v850 ptrace.c task_struct leak
  • Fix the display of max-ever-used-stack in sysrq-T output
  • smbfs: remove debug code
  • x86_64 uniproc build fix
  • ia64: fix sched.c compile warning
  • MIPS mega-patch
  • serial fixups
  • more serial driver fixups
  • Intel i830 AGP fix
  • fix shmat
  • dynamic pty allocation
  • NBD rmmod oops fix
  • m68k: offsets.h generation
  • m68k: mm init warning
  • m68k: Sun-3 console fix
  • m68k: Sun-3 missing sbus_readl()
  • m68k: Atari name clashes
  • m68k: M68k MCA cleanup
  • m68k: M68k uses drivers/Kconfig
  • m68k: Amifb modedb bug
  • m68k: M68k configuration
  • m68k: arch/m68k/mm/Makefile cleanup
  • m68k: M68k module loader
  • m68k: M68k call trace output
  • m68k: M68k cmpxchg
  • m68k: M68k FPU emu broken link
  • m68k: Mac IOP spelling
  • m68k: Dummy dma mapping
  • m68k: M68k core spelling
  • add range checking to sys_sysctl()
  • Kconfig help: dm-crypto && cryptoloop
  • nbd: fix set_capacity call
  • nbd: remove PARANOIA and other cleanups
  • cleanup condsyscall for sysv ipc
  • IPMI warning fixes
  • mtrr: init section usage
  • Fixes to CodingStyle
  • Another x86-64 fix for problems from the recent merge
  • ext3: fix scheduling-in-spinlock bug
  • security oops fix
  • From: “Randy.Dunlap” <<A
  • janitor: media: use kernel min/max
  • telephony: use kernel min/max
  • Fix ISDN v.110
  • Fix fs/partitions/efi.c printk warnings
  • powernow-k8 frequency handling fix
  • Require GNU Make version 3.79.1 or later
  • runtime PM deadlock fix
  • Fix do_shmat() for CONFIG_SYSVIPC=n
  • ppc64: remove dump_regs
  • ppc64: cleanup lmb code
  • ppc64: Potentially avoid an atomic operation in switch_mm
  • ppc64: Remove duplicate pcibios_scan_all_fns definition
  • ppc64: Fix for ppc64 SMT enablement bug provided by Jimi
    Xenidis and Michael Day
  • ppc64: add rtas slot-error-detail information
  • ppc64: add log_rtas_error()
  • Allow CROSS32_COMPILE to be set via environment variable
  • ppc64: Add a ppc64 archhelp
  • ppc64: print useful flags in oops, like x86
  • ppc64: Add DEBUG_STACK_USAGE
  • ppc64: Add -funit-at-a-time
  • Add 970FX entry into the cputable
  • ppc64: Fix for valid nvram rtas tokens
  • fix naming collision with asm-ppc64/vio.h
  • ppc64: fix warning and compile error without CONFIG_SMP
  • ppc64 cpu spinup fixes
  • ppc64: remove useless smp_message_pass args
  • ppc64: This cleans up the rtasd logic, and also makes it
    hotplug CPU safe
  • ppc64: Add stack overflow debugging
  • ppc64: remove get_users in backtrace code
  • Add cpus and NUMA memory nodes to sysfs. Also add cpu physical
  • ppc64: Make a number of segment table functions static
  • ppc64: Clean up per cpu usage in segment table code
  • ppc64: PER_CPU irq optimisations
  • ppc64: don’t link some non iSeries stuff
  • ppc64: Fix __get_SP()
  • ppc64: set err to -ENODEV when a new node doesn’t have
    “interrupt” property
  • fix for NUMA kernel on non NUMA machine
  • trivial oops formatting cleanups
  • ppc64: restore cpu names
  • ppc64: uniprocessor compile fixes
  • ppc64: fix cmd_line bugs
  • m68k: Sun-3 LANCE Ethernet
  • m68k: Atari Pamsnet warning
  • m68k: Amiga A2065 Ethernet new driver model
  • m68k: Amiga Ariadne Ethernet new driver model
  • m68k: Amiga Hydra Ethernet new driver model
  • ppc64: archhelp fix
  • Fix make xconfig on /lib64 systems
  • Report NGROUPS_MAX via a sysctl (read-only)
  • Make insert_resource work for alder IOAPIC resources
  • add the Intel Alder IO-APIC PCI device to quirks
  • x86: remove THREAD_SIZE assumption cleanups
  • cosmetic printk fix
  • remove unneeded check from sys_sysctl()
  • clarify MSI requirements in Kconfig
  • pty changes require procps 3.2
  • jffs2: Don’t jump between contexts
  • fix the build with CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS=n
  • Eicon isdn driver compile __devexit compile fix
  • swsusp/s3: Assembly interactions need asmlinkage
  • acpi/utils.c warning fix
  • drivers/acpi/sleep/proc.c warnings
  • add syscalls.h
  • asmlinkage fixes
  • ppc64: fix de4x5 build
  • m68k: Amiga Zorro8390 Ethernet new driver model
  • HFS rewrite
  • HFS+ support
  • superblock fixes
  • fix module reference counting in zoran driver
  • s390: general update
  • s390: common i/o layer
  • s390: console driver
  • s390: compat_timer_settime
  • s390: CTC network driver
  • s390: LCS network driver
  • s390: IUCV network driver
  • s390: DASD device driver
  • s390: virtual timer interface
  • s390: z/VM monitor stream
  • s390: collaborative memory management
  • s390: channel measurement block interface
  • s390: zfcp host adapter
  • s390 syscalls.h update
  • s390: DCSS block device driver
  • dvb: Update subsystem docs
  • dvb: Update saa7146 driver core
  • dvb: Minor Skystar2 updates
  • dvb: core update
  • dvb: Misc frontend updates
  • dvb: stv0299 DVB frontend update
  • dvb: tda1004x DVB frontend update
  • dvb: av7110 DVB driver update
  • dvb: TTUSB-Budget DVB driver update
  • n_tty.c cleanup
  • M68k Macintosh driver config
  • request_firmware(): misc fixes
  • request_firmware(): more misc fixes
  • request_firmware(): add status bitmap
  • request_firmware(): fix firmware_priv leak
  • request_firmware(): race fixes
  • request_firmware(): refactor fw_setup_class_device()
  • request_firmware(): fix attribute removal
  • early printk documentation fix
  • radeon config fix
  • Remove unused tty CALLOUT defines
  • don’t use floating point in tdfxfb
  • mtd locking fix
  • C99 patch for fs/afs/inode.c
  • Kill bogus __KERNEL_SYSCALLS usage
  • C99 initiailzers for drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_common.c
  • C99 initializers for drivers/net/wireless/airo.c
  • C99 initializers for drivers/net/wan/wanxl.c
  • C99 initializers for drivers/net/wan/pci200syn.c
  • C99 initializers for drivers/net/irda/irda-usb.c
  • C99 initializers for drivers/media/common/saa7146_video.c
  • C99 initializer for drivers/media/dv/frontend/stv0229.c
  • C99 initializers for
  • C99 initializers for drivers/media/dvb/frontends/sp887x.c
  • C99 initializer for driver/media/dvb/ttpci/budget-av.c
  • V4L: Add new driver for Teletext decoder SAA5246A from
  • kbuild: add defconfig targets to make help
  • wanmain.c build fix
  • swsusp locking fix
  • PPC64 iSeries virtual disk driver
  • Add kallsyms_lookupname()
  • ppc64: use kallsyms_lookup_name() in xmon
  • ppc64: move sg_dma_{len,address} macros
  • ppc64: Fix a sleeping with spinlock bug in ioremap
  • knfsd: NGROUPS fixes
  • nfsd: don’t modify group_info structures
  • kNFSd: Add minimal server-side support for rpcsec_gss
  • kNFSd: gss api changes for integrity checking
  • kNFSd: IDmap support for the NFSv4 server
  • kNFSd: Nfsdv4 pointer cleanup
  • kNFSd: NFSv4 locking state fix
  • kNFSd: v4 exclusive open fix
  • kNFSd: Use higher-resolution time for the changeinfo, instead
    of using time and filesize
  • kNFSd: When looking for a shareowner in the nfsd open, make
    sure we don’t get a lockowner instead
  • kNFSd: NFSdV4 fixes for replaying open requests
  • kNFSd: Use only the uid when deciding whether a setclientid is
    being done with the “same principal”
  • kNFSd: When looking for a shareowner in the nfsd open, make
    sure we don’t get a lockowner instead
  • kNFSd: readdir error code fix
  • kNFSd: correctly tests and sets nfserr_nofilehandle for current
    and save fh
  • kNFSd: Fix for lookup-parent at pseudo root
  • kNFSd: Correct error returns
  • kNFSd: fixes an xdr error by removing the verifier from error
  • kNFSd: correct symlink related error returns
  • kNFSd: check lock length, return appropriate error
  • kNFSd: correct rename error returns
  • kNFSd: unlock-on-close fix
  • kNFSd: Remove a comment that is no longer accurate
  • kNFSd: move fh_dup2 and fix it
  • kNFSd: Implement the nfsv4 RELEASE_LOCKOWNER operation
  • kNFSd: add OP_ILLEGAL, and fix processing of compounds with out
    of bounds op numbers
  • kNFSd: fix an error return for OP_CREATE
  • kNFSd: Add a check in OP_LOCK for new lockowners to ensure that
    the open stateid is
  • kNFSd: Corrects an error return for OP_OPEN_CONFIRM
  • kNFSd: Enforce open_downgrade requirement
  • kNFSd: Fix an out-of-spec readlink error return
  • kNFSd: Fix an out-of-spec error in nfsd4_remove
  • kNFSd: Miscellaneous fixes to stateid-based replay
  • kNFSd: Fix out-of-spec error return in attribute decoding
  • kNFSd: Make the calculation in the first READ_BUF easier to
  • kNFSd: make sure sunrpc init routines called before gss init
  • kNFSd: return more than one page of directory entries
  • Add a MODULE_VERSION macro
  • rename other MODULE_VERSION users
  • fbdev cursor fix

Andrew Vasquez:

  • qla2xxx — Properly schedule mailbox command timeouts
  • qla2xxx — FCP_RSP IU check during command completion

Andries E. Brouwer:

  • USB: add comments to sddr09.c
  • tty utf8 mode

Anton Blanchard:

  • ppc64: fix kernel access of user pages
  • ppc64: TLB flush rework
  • ppc64: fix pci hotplug compile error
  • ppc64: remove CONFIG_VETH
  • ppc64: defconfig update

Art Haas:

  • [NETFILTER]: C99 initializers in ip_conntrack_standalone.c
  • [RXRPC]: C99 initialiers for net/rxrpc/connection.c

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:

  • move CONFIG_HOTPLUG to init/Kconfig
  • remove dead kernel parameters
  • keep documentation of kernel parameters in one place only
  • kill useless IDE_SUBDRIVER_VERSION
  • kill default_shutdown() and ide_drive_t->shutdown
  • kill default_flushcache() and ide_drive_t->flushcache
  • remove bogus comment and code from ide_unregister_driver()
  • remove dead/unfinished taskfile version of ide_cmd_ioctl()
  • remove unused ide_end_taskfile()
  • fix /proc/ide/ for IDE PCI modules
  • fix /proc/ide/ for IDE PCI modules
  • siimage.c: limit requests to 15kB only for Seagate SATA
  • add UDMA6 support to ALi PCI IDE driver
  • fix ide_system_bus_speed() causing “Badness in
  • ide-io.c: CONFIG_LBD fix
  • explicitly define PRD_ENTRIES to 256
  • remove redundant ide_setup_pci_device{s}() declarations
  • ide-proc.c: remove unused MIN() macro
  • ide-taskfile.c: remove debugging placeholders

Ben Collins:

  • IEEE1394(r1118): Addition of new config-rom processing
  • IEEE1394(r1126): Small cleanup based on patch from Isaac
  • IEEE1394(r1128): Implement bus reset handling for hosts (based
    on patch from Oracle)
  • IEEE1394(r1129): Initial support for reusing node entries over
    plug/unplug cycles
  • IEEE1394(r1130): Conversion of some list_for_each() usages to
  • IEEE1394/OHCI(r1131): Suspend/resume isn’t dependent on
  • IEEE1394: Sync revisions
  • IEEE1394(r1134): Fix some typos introduced over the last few
  • IEEE1394(r1135): Initial ieee1394_host_class
  • IEEE1394(r1136): Implement node class
  • IEEE1394(r1137): Check to make sure we have a hostinfo in
  • IEEE1394(r1138): Cleanup nodemgr probe, and fix a bug with the
    driver update
  • IEEE1394/SBP2(r1139): Some cleanups, and a better, more unique
    id for ieee1394_id attribute
  • IEEE1394(r1140): Add a bus rescan bus_attr file, and an
    ignore_driver attr for ud’s
  • IEEE1394(r1141): Add an “ignore_drivers” global default
  • IEEE1394(r1142): Use a kernel thread to rescan devices so we
    don’t block the writer
  • IEEE1394(r1143): Fix FCP requests, broken by my change for
  • IEEE1394/SBP2(r1144): Convert sbp2 to do one scsi_host per
  • IEEE1394: Revision sync
  • IEEE1394 is no longer experimental, but eth1394 is
  • IEEE1394(r1146): Make the probe callback return an error if
    problems, and unbind drivers on failure
  • IEEE1394/ETH1394(r1147): Make sure to set update_config_rom on
    add host
  • IEEE1394/SBP2(r1148): Fix a few bugs, and add set
    blk_queue_dma_alignment to 512
  • IEEE1394(r1149): Convert some hardcoded values to constants.
    Add pbook suspend/resume handlers
  • IEEE1394/Video1394(r1150): Initialize d->link list so that
    failures cleanup properly
  • IEEE1394/Video1394(r1151): Fix typo in last commit
  • IEEE1394(r1154): Cleanup dma routines, and use vmalloc for
    sglist allocation
  • IEEE1394(r1155): Get rid of another user of
  • eth1394(r1156): Fix oddities when MacOSX is IRM. Also MacOSX
    sets an invalid sspd in the ARP reply
  • IEEE1394(r1157): Create a kernel thread to handle all
    run_packet_complete() calls
  • SBP2(r1158): We don’t need a remove_host callback in sbp2
  • IEEE1394(r1159): Merge run_packet_complete into kernel
  • ohci1394(r1160): Disable cross_bound() check, and add code to
    try to enable connected ports
  • IEEE1394(r1161): Major cleanup and addition of a ud-class, to
    make things even cleaner
  • SPARC64: Fix debug spinlocks to not trash random memory with
    > 4 cpus’s (or sparse cpu’s)
  • SPARC64: Use hard_smp_processor_id() for
  • IEEE1394(r1162): Check return value for errors from
  • IEEE1394(r1163): Fixup nodemgr_{suspend,resume}_ne to use the
    ud class list
  • [SPARC64]: Use prom_printf in sun_do_break() instead of printk.
    Avoids lockup
  • [SPARC64]: Fix compile warning from RW_LOCK_UNLOCKED with
    spinlock debug enabled

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

  • Be careful about memory ordering in sungem driver
  • Fix a DMA underrun problem with pmac IDE
  • ppc32: rework l2 cache code
  • ppc32: Export cpu_possible_map
  • Fix use of sector_t in swim3 driver
  • Remove use of “current” identifier in via-pmu
  • Disable debugging verbosity in macio_asic.c
  • ppc64 oops on /proc/cpuinfo
  • ppc64: Fix warning on pmac build
  • radeonfb: small cleanup of common register init
  • ppc64: physical RAM accounting fix
  • ppc64: Fix /dev/mem idea of what is memory
  • ppc64: iommu rewrite
  • ppc64: Fix drivers/ide when using an IOMMU
  • ppc64:Implement support for Apple DART IOMMU (PowerMac G5)

Bjorn Helgaas:

  • [SERIAL] Discover ACPI serial ports before plug-in ports
  • [SERIAL] Fix /proc serial info for MMIO ports

Brian Childs:

  • multicast broken on x86_64

Brian King:

  • SCSI: Make retries obey host_self_blocked flag

Carlos Puchol:

  • initial support for transmeta’s efficeon processors

Chas Williams:

  • [ATM]: horizon: make reset function not __init (from Randy
    Dunlap <<A
  • [ATM]: use clip_tbl instead of clp_tbl_hook (from Francois
    Romieu <<A
  • [ATM]: [lec] put back pressure on network stack

Christoph Hellwig:

  • [SUNGEM]: Kill unused variable on ppc
  • remove flush_cache_all() from qla1280
  • fix up ini9100 interrupt handling
  • fix up NCR5380 private data
  • move remaining definitions from drivers/scsi/scsi.h to
  • remove useless MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT in lasi_82596.c
  • remove useless MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT in sun3lance
  • remove useless MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT in sb1250-mac
  • remove useless MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT in meth
  • remove useless MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT in wanpipe

Dave Jones:

  • [CPUFREQ] Update URL
  • [CPUFREQ] bump copyrights
  • [CPUFREQ] Add extra __init markers to longhaul driver
  • [CPUFREQ] Add extra __init markers to longrun driver
  • [CPUFREQ] Don’t set up longhaul voltage scaling too early
  • [CPUFREQ] Extra sanity checks in longhaul
  • [CPUFREQ] Don’t guess FSB on Nehemiah
  • [CPUFREQ] Export powernow-k7 scaling frequencies
  • [CPUFREQ] scaling_available_frequencies work for remaining x86
  • [CPUFREQ] Fix ARM cpufreq governor selection From: Russell King
  • Fix for a really stupid off by 1 bug

Dave Kleikamp:

  • JFS: get_UCSname does not need nls_tab argument
  • JFS: Don’t do filename translation by default

David Brownell:

  • USB: EHCI updates (mostly periodic schedule scanning)
  • USB: usbcore, scatterlist cleanups
  • USB: usbcore, hub driver enables TT-per-port mode
  • USB: usbcore, avoid RNDIS configs
  • USB: usbtest, two more protocol cases
  • USB: ehci-hcd, fullspeed iso data structures (1/3)
  • USB: ehci-hcd, fullspeed iso data structures (2/3)
  • USB: ehci-hcd, scheduler handles TT collisions (3/3)

David Milburn:

  • [libata sata_promise] Fix DIMM initialization on PCI-X bus

David Mosberger:

  • ia64: Back-port from libunwind: fix off-by-one error in
  • ia64: Fix bug in
  • ia64: Update defconfig
  • ia64: Update defconfig

David S. Miller:

  • [IPV6]: Kill 64-bit warnings in ndisc.c
  • [IRDA]: Forgot to add stir4200.c in previous commit
  • [TG3]: Two more PHY bug workaround, plus fix DMA test on
  • [TG3]: Fix early chip programming in
  • [TG3]: Bump driver version and reldate
  • [APPLETALK]: Use ‘%Z’ for size_t
  • [BLUETOOTH]: Use min_t to avoid warning in rfcomm sock.c
  • [DECNET]: Make second arg to dn_alloc_send_skb a size_t
  • [SELINUX]: Forgot to add these in previous commit
  • qla2xxx: remove flush_cache_all
  • [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
  • [I2C]: Fix resource address typing
  • [I2C]: Use correct port address types in i2c-velleman.c
  • [I2C]: Fix resource address typing in i2c-voodoo3.c
  • [FREEVXFS]: Fix u64 printk warnings on some 64-bit
  • [I2C]: If comparing against ULONG_MAX, use ulong type, in
  • [NFSD]: Fix u64 printk warnings on some 64-bit platforms
  • [SMBFS]: Use ‘%z’ printf format for size_t types
  • [MEDIA]: Print out pointers correctly in dst.c
  • [MEDIA]: Use ‘%z’ printf format for size_t
  • [SKFDDI]: Use unsigned long for resource base/size
  • [SUNDANCE]: Fix casting so u64 printk does not warn on some
    64-bit platforms
  • [MEDIA]: Use ‘%z’ printf format for size_t/ptrdiff_t types in
  • [I2C]: Use correct port address typing in i2c-elv.c
  • [SPARC64]: Do similar macro casting for {in,out}{b,w,l}() as we
    do for {read,write}{b,w,l,q}()
  • [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
  • [NETFILTER]: Include net/ipv6.h in ip6_tables.c
  • [IPV6]: Make ipv6_skip_exthdrs take const skb arg
  • [PKT_SCHED]: Missing linux/init.h includes in
  • Synchronize sungem RX complation path
  • [IPV4]: Do not return -EAGAIN on blocking UDP socket, noticed
    by Olaf Kirch
  • [IPV6]: Kill unloadable noise in af_inet6.c
  • [IPV6]: Fix typo in Al’s module_init changes
  • [TIGON3]: Comment out card RAM validation in tg3_test_dma() for
  • [TIGON3]: Bump version and reldate
  • [NET]: Set default socket rmem/wmem values more sanely and
  • [IPV6]: UDPv6 needs recvmsg csum error path fix too, thanks
  • [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
  • [SPARC]: Move ptrace_signal_deliver() implementation out of
    header file
  • [SUNRPC]: Use ‘%z’ for size_t printk in svcauth_gss.c

David Stevens:

  • [IPV6]: Except MLD packets from source filtering
  • [IPV6]: Add sysctl to force MLD version
  • [IGMP/MLD]: Validate filter size against optlen
  • [IGMP/MLD]: Check for numsrc overflow, plus temp buffer

David Woodhouse:

  • [IPV4]: Make ip_auto_config a late initcall

Deepak Saxena:

  • USB: Fix USB host code to use generic DMA API
  • [ARM PATCH] 1761/1: Remove SA1111_PCI_FAKEDEV (take 2)

Dely Sy:

  • PCI Hotplug: Add SHPC and PCI Express hot-plug drivers

Domen Puncer:

  • USB: some stv680 fixes

Don Fry:

  • [NET]: Fix ethtool oops if device support get but not set
  • 2.6.3 pcnet32.c bus master arbitration failure fix
  • 2.6.3 pcnet32.c SLAB_DEBUG length error fix
  • 2.6.3 pcnet32.c transmit hang fix
  • 2.6.3 pcnet32.c wrong vendor ID fix
  • 2.6.3 pcnet32.c convert to use netif_msg_*
  • 2.6.3 pcnet32.c change to use ethtool_ops
  • pcnet32.c handle failures in open
  • pcnet32.c non-mii errors with ethtool
  • pcnet32.c add PCI hot remove support
  • pcnet32.c adds loopback test
  • whitespace only change to pcnet32.c
  • pcnet32.c fix compile error
  • pcnet32 non-mii link state fix

François Romieu:

  • [IRDA]: Fix error return status in stir4200 driver
  • [IRDA]: In stir4200 driver, defer netif_start_queue() until
    device opening succeeds
  • 2.6.3 – drivers/net/sis190.c – Tx desc overflow

Geert Uytterhoeven:

  • NCR53C9x slave_{alloc,destroy}()
  • Sun-3x ESP SCSI clean up

Grant Grundler:

  • [TG3]: Reset GRC, if necessary, before DMA test
  • [PKTGEN]: Fix unintentional unaligned access
  • [TG3]: Abstract out mailbox workarounds into
  • [TG3]: Define MBOX_WRITE_REORDER flag to zero on non-x86

Greg Kroah-Hartman:

  • PCI: fix pci quirk for P4B533-V, fixes bug 1720
  • USB: fix up compile errors in uhci driver
  • USB storage: sync up with some missing unusual_devs entries
    that were in my tree
  • PCI Hotplug: fix build warnings on 64 bit processors

Greg Ungerer:

  • fix memory leaks in binfmt_flat loader
  • allow configuration for shared flat binary support
  • add m68k elf relocation types to elf.h
  • fixes to ColdFire/5407 startup code
  • m68knommu: remove non-existant option from defconfig
  • m68knommu: fix interrupt handler return types to be
  • m68knommu: use KERN_DEBUG in debug printk()’s

Harald Welte:

  • [NETFILTER]: Resync with 2.4.x
  • [NETFILTER]: Remove unused structure member in NAT, from
    Patrick McHardy

Herbert Xu:

  • [IPSEC]: Move hardware headers for decaped packets

Hideaki Yoshifuji:

  • [NET]: Kill bogus kmem cache alignment in
  • [IPV6]: Clean up ndisc printks
  • [IPV6]: Spelling corrections, and remove some XXX’s
  • [IPV6]: Kill remaining in6_u.u6_addrX uses
  • [IPV6]: Use udpv6_queue_rcv_skb for multicast delivery

Holger Schurig:

  • [ARM PATCH] 1670/1: PXA serial driver

Hollis Blanchard:

  • ppc64: virtual IO bus updates

Ian Abbott:

  • USB: ftdi_sio new PIDs and name fix for sysfs

Jakub Bogusz:

  • 2.6.3 – fix for undefined mdelay in 3c505
  • switch alpha to use drivers/Kconfig

James Bottomley:

  • MPT Fusion driver 3.00.03 update
  • SCSI: 53c700: reduce default tag depth to 4
  • fix IRQBALANCE Kconfig dependencies
  • Undo SCSI 8-byte alignment relaxation

James Morris:

  • [SELINUX]: Event notifications via netlink

Jan Kasprzak:

  • [NET]: Do not send negative 2nd arg to skb_put()

Jean Tourrilhes:

  • [IRDA]: Add stir4200 driver
  • [IRDA]: Rename dongle entry points for consistency

Jeff Garzik:

  • [netdrvr e100] include linux/moduleparam.h
  • Eliminate ancient and unused
  • [libata] catch, and ack, spurious DMA interrupts
  • Add Documentation/networking/netif-msg.txt, describing the
    per-network-interface message logging standards for net
  • Delete tms380tr firmware, no longer needed now that driver uses
  • Improvements to the bk-make-sum BitKeeper summary/submission
  • default 8139too to PIO
  • [libata] Guarantee that S/G entries do not straddle IDE DMA 64k
  • [libata sata_sil] fix 4-port support on SII 3114
  • [libata] Explicitly set max_phys_segments to 128 (current blk
    default), in case MAX_PHYS_SEGMENTS ever changes.
  • [libata] bump versions
  • Fix PCI MSI build when kirqd is disabled
  • [libata] Much better s/g table fill routine
  • [libata] limit S/G table size to 128 entries
  • [libata ata_piix] add support for ICH6
  • [libata ata_piix] Update PCI quirk with new Intel SATA
  • Add Intel ICH6 PCI ids to pci_ids.h
  • Add Intel ICH6 irq router
  • Add Intel PCI ids to old-OSS driver i810_audio
  • Add Intel PCI ids to IDE (PATA) driver
  • Fix broken PIIX build
  • [IDE] Create DECLARE_PIIX_DEV declarator, to eliminate a large

Jens Axboe:

  • fix SCSI non-sector bio backed IO

Jeremy Higdon:

  • ia64: Fix 64 bit DMA mapping problem with PCI cards on SN2

Jeroen Vreeken:

  • 6pack reinit bug

Jochen Friedrich:

  • tms380tr patch 1/3 (bug fix)
  • tms380tr patch 2/3 (queue fix)
  • tms380tr patch 3/3 (get firmware out of kernel)

John Rose:

  • PCI Hotplug : add DLPAR driver for PPC64 PCI Hotplug slots

John Stultz:

  • ia64: add support for time-interpolation via IBM EXA Cyclone

Joseph Fannin:

  • [netdrvr sis900] fix multicast bug

Julian Anastasov:

  • [IPV4]: Add configurable restriction of local IP announcements
    in ARP requests
  • [IPV4]: Add sophisticated ARP reply control via arp_ignore

Kai Makisara:

  • Sysfs class support for SCSI tapes

Kazunori Miyazawa:

  • [IPV6]: Unify ipv6 output routine

Keith M. Wesolowski:

  • [SPARC32] Uninline atomic_t functions to save space
  • [SPARC32]: Do similar macro casting for {in,out}{b,w,l}() as we
    do for {read ,write}{b,w,l,q}().
  • [SPARC32]: Nuke a.out build cruft
  • [SPARC32]: Remove stale SMP irq implementation
  • [SPARC32]: Remove use of PF_USEDFPU
  • [SPARC32]: Remove cli/sti from all arch code

Len Brown:

  • [ACPI] revert previous AML param patch for ACPICA update
  • [ACPI] ACPICA 20040211 udpate from Bob Moore

Linda Xie:

  • PCI Hotplug: Add PPC64 PCI Hotplug Driver for RPA

Linus Torvalds:

  • Fix up the microcode update on regular 32-bit x86. Our wrmsr()
    is a bit unforgiving and really doesn’t like 64-bit values.
  • Include the header file for DMA mapping
  • Fix silly thinko in sungem network driver
  • Don’t allow memory “lines” argument in “xor_p5_mmx_5()”
  • ppc64: fix non-iSeries build
  • Add d_type information to legacy readdir system call
  • Linux 2.6.4-rc1

long (tlnguyen):

  • PCI: add copyright for files msi.c and msi.h

Luiz Capitulino:

  • [PPPOE]: Handle disabled PROC_FS properly
  • [PPPOE]: Kill unneeded ifdef/endif

MAEDA Naoaki:

  • ia64: fix possible memory leak in PCI alloc_resource()

Manfred Spraul:

  • rename shmat to make it clear it isn’t a system call

Marcel Holtmann:

  • [Bluetooth] Cleanup drivers Kconfig file
  • [Bluetooth] Copy all L2CAP signal frames to the raw
  • [Bluetooth] Initial sysfs and device class support
  • [Bluetooth] Dynamic allocation of HCI device
  • [Bluetooth] Use C99 initializer for HCI USB driver
  • [Bluetooth] Initialize interval of ISOC URB’s

Marcelo Tosatti:

  • cyclades async driver update

Mark A. Greer:

  • PCI: Changing ‘GALILEO’ to ‘MARVELL’

Mark Haverkamp:

  • add card types to aacraid driver
  • aacraid reset handler

Mark Hindley:

  • [SERIAL] fix 8250_pnp resource allocation

Martin Hicks:

  • ia64: SN2 header file cleanups
  • ia64: clean up SN2 setup.c

Martin J. Bligh:

  • [NET]: Ditch TSO in loopback driver, it’s had enough

Martine Silbermann:

  • PCI: update MSI Documentation

Matthew Dharm:

  • USB Storage: Save the SCSI residue value when auto-sensing
  • USB Storage: Reduce unsolicited auto-sense
  • USB Storage: Fix small endian-ness bug

Matthew Wilcox:

  • [TG32]: Use pci_get_slot() to find 5704 peers, to handle
    domains properly
  • PCI: Fix pci_bus_find_capability()
  • ia64: SAL version is not zero-padded
  • ia64: improve gate generation
  • ia64: Add “install” make target

Matthias Andree:

  • [NET]: Export sysctl_optmem_max to modules

Michal Ludvig:

  • [XFRM_USER]: Fix SKB sizing in xfrm_send_policy_notify()
  • [XFRM_USER]: In xfrm_send_{acquire,policy_notify}(), use

Miguel Freitas:

  • [NET_SCHED]: Fix slot leakage in SFQ scheduler

Mike Phillips:

  • 3c359_microcode.h clean up – 2.6.3

Mirko Lindner:

  • sk98lin: Added Support for Belkin adapter
  • [kernel 2.6] sk98lin: Insert revision version and date

Nathan Scott:

  • blkdev_open/bd_claim vs BLKBSZSET

Pat Gefre:

  • ia64: add “platform_data” to struct pci_controller, update SN2
  • ia64: on SN2, use the pda to count interrupts
  • ia64: on SN2, skip init_platform_hubinfo() if on the
  • ia64: cleanup SN2 pci_bus_cvlink.c
  • ia64: add Altix hotplug support

Patrick Mansfield:


Patrick McHardy:

  • [PKTSCHED]: Use queue limit of 1 when tx_queue_len is zero
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix amanda helpers, forward port from 2.4.x

Paul Mackerras:

  • Clean up IRQ mapping code

Paulo Marques:

  • USB: fix usblp.c

Peter Teichmann:

  • [ARM PATCH 1719/1] Acornfb update

Petri Koistinen:

  • [IRDA]: Fix URLs in Kconfig
  • [HAMRADIO]: Fix URLs in Kconfig
  • [WAN]: Kconfig clean-up and update URL links

Randy Dunlap:

  • depca: remove double semi-colon
  • tr/3c359: handle kmalloc failures during init
  • ne: eliminate unused var. warning
  • ibmtr: use kernel min/max
  • strip: remove warnings when !PROC_FS
  • strip: use kernel min/max

Robert Picco:

  • ia64: add support for NUMA machines with CPU-only (memory-less)

Russell King:

  • [ARM] Make Acorn I2C build again
  • [ARM] Fix ambakmi to use amba_request_regions() and the correct
  • ICS IDE is not a PCI IDE interface
  • [ARM] Fix Acorn VIDC sound driver
  • [ARM] Add safe sa1111 IO handling
  • [ARM] Update SA1111 Neponset code to use safe GPIO
  • [ARM] Dynamically allocate SA1100 PCMCIA sockets
  • [ARM] Fix late abort handler for Thumb code
  • [ARM] Remove non-existent Kconfig source statement
  • [ARM] Add ARM architecture version 6 support
  • [ARM] Cleanup MODULE_* macros
  • [ARM] Update sa1111-pcibuf for dmapool changes
  • [ARM] Add SA11x0 sched_clock() implementation
  • [ARM] Remove obsolete sysctl PM interface
  • [ARM] Update mach-types definitions file
  • [ARM] Improve bad IRQ reporting
  • [ARM] Optimise readsl
  • [ARM] Allow decompressor to use “cache type” register
  • [ARM] Add resources and platform devices for SA11x0 serial
  • [ARM] amba_{request,release}_regions
  • [ARM] Make free_memmap() use PFNs instead of physical

Rusty Russell:

  • Always put cache aligned code in own section, even for

Santiago Leon:

  • Add IBM PowerPC Virtual Ethernet Driver

Scott Feldman:

  • [netdrvr] e100 version 3 (complete rewrite)
  • [e100] ICH6 IDs + ia64 memcpy fix + module_param
  • [netdrvr e100] netpoll + fixes to speed/duplex forced
  • [netdrvr e100] fix slab corruption
  • [netdrvr e100] copyright + trailing blanks + misc
  • e1000: flow control
  • e1000: disable TSO for now
  • e1000: disable CSA fix for 82547
  • e1000: delay may be too small
  • e1000: collision retry count too high
  • e1000: handle register_netdev failure
  • [netdrvr e100] Response to Jeff’s review plus some minor

Sebastian Henschel:

  • [NET]: Mention tuxmobil.org in drivers/net/Kconfig
  • [ARM] URL change for linux-on-laptops

Shmulik Hen:

  • [netdrvr bonding] trivial – Update comment blocks and version
  • Add support for HW accel. slaves
  • Add VLAN support in TLB mode
  • Add VLAN support in ALB mode

Simon Barber:

  • [NET]: Capture skb->protocol after invoking bridge

Simon Horman:

  • [JHASH]: Make key arg const in jhash()

Sridhar Samudrala:

  • [SCTP] Revert back to use kmalloc() for ssnmap allocs of sizes
  • [SCTP] Force enable Crypto options that are needed by SCTP
  • [SCTP] Fix incorrect INIT process termination with

Stefan Rompf:

  • Re: Patch: netif_carrier_on()/off() for xircom_tulip_cb
  • netif_carrier_on()/off() for xircom_tulip_cb

Stephen Hemminger:

  • bugfixes for dgrs.c
  • hp100 pci probe problem
  • [WAN]: Fix single_open confusion in wandev_show
  • Re: IA32 (2.6.3 – 2004-02-18.22.30) – 4 New warnings (gcc
  • Allow pcnet_cs to work with shared irq
  • [IRDA]: Fix handling of shared IRQs in smsc-ircc2 driver
  • [IRDA]: COnver irda-usb to dynamic device allocation
  • [IRDA]: Rename setup_dma to irda_setup_dma
  • [IRDA]: Make more symbols static, to avoid namespace
  • [IRDA]: Make more symbols static, to avoid namespace
  • [IRDA]: Make more symbols static, to avoid namespace
  • [IRDA]: Make more symbols static, to avoid namespace
  • [IRDA]: No need for volatile type when using set/test_bit
  • [IRDA]: Kill infrared_mode, unused
  • [IRDA]: Kill dev_flags, unused
  • [IRDA]: Hashbin cleanups, remove unused code and add const
    where needed
  • [IRDA]: Zap bogus wireless.h include
  • [IRDA]: Make irda_device_txqueue_empty inline
  • [IRDA]: Mark irport driver as having locking issues

Steve Kinneberg:

  • IEEE1394(r1125): Set host field of hpsb_address_serve struct
    when registering address spaces
  • IEEE1394(r1132): Update Kconfig description of the eth1394

Tomasz Torcz:

  • Update via-rhine Kconfig entry

Tony Lindgren:

  • [ARM PATCH] 1759/1: Add ARM925 support, updated

Walter Harms:

  • [NET]: Handle kmem_cache_create() failure in neighbour.c
  • [IPV4]: Handle kmem_cache_create() failure in inetpeer.c
  • [IPV4]: Handle kmem_cache_create() failure in ipmr.c
  • [IPV6]: Handle kmem_cache_create() failure in ip6_fib.c
  • [IPV6]: Handle kmem_cache_create() failure in route.c

Wensong Zhang:

  • [IPVS] remove the superfluous call of waitpid in sync code
  • [IPVS] retry to run kernel_thread when memory is temporarily
  • [IPVS] update the version number of code to 1.2.0
  • [IPVS] tidy up the header files to include

Yasuyuki Kozakai:

  • [IPV6]: In ipv6_skip_exthdr(), access frag header
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix ipv6 TCP/UDP matching wrt. extension

Yoshinori Sato:

  • H8/300 start_thread problem fix
  • H8/300 include cleanup
  • H8/300 warning fix
  • H8/300 io.h bussizing problem fix
  • H8/300 Kconfig / defconfig update

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