Linux 2.4.17-pre6 Released




- ISDN fixes                                    (Kai Germaschewski)
- Eicon driver updates                          (Kai Germaschewski)
- ymfpci update                                 (Pete Zaitcev)
- Fix multithread coredump deadlock             (Manfred Spraul)
- Support /dev/kmem access to vmalloc space     (Marc Boucher)
- ext3 fixes/enhancements                       (Andrew Morton) 
- Add IT8172G driver to Config.in/Makefile      (Giacomo Catenazzi)
- Configure.help update                         (Eric S. Raymond)
- Create __devexit_p() function and use that on 
  drivers which need it to make it possible to 
  use newer binutils                            (Keith Owens) 
- Make PCMCIA compile without PCI support       (Paul Mackerras)
- Use copy_user_highpage instead copy_highpage
  on COW path.                                  (David S. Miller)
- Cacheline align some more performance
  critical spinlocks                            (Anton Blanchard)
- sonypi driver update                          (Michael C.B. Ashley/Bob Donnelly)
- direct render for some SiS cards              (Torsten Duwe/Alan Cox)
- full handling of the NFSv3 'jukebox' feature  (Trond Myklebust)
- NFS performance improvements                  (Trond Myklebust)
- More parport fixes                            (Tim Waugh)
- Fix lots of core NCR5380 bugs                 (Alan Cox)
- NCR5380/PAS driver update                     (Alan Cox)
- Add aacraid to the SCSI list                  (Alan Cox)
- fdomain driver fixes                          (Alan Cox)


- 8139too fixes                                 (Andreas Dilger)
- sym53c8xx_2 update                            (Gerard Roudier)
- loopback deadlock bugfix                      (Jan Kara)
- Yet another devfs update                      (Richard Gooch) 
- Enable K7 SSE                                 (John Clemens)
- Make grab_cache_page return NULL instead 
  ERR_PTR: callers expect NULL on failure       (Christoph Hellwig)
- Make ide-{disk-floppy} compile without 
  PROCFS support                                (Robert Love)
- Another ymfpci update                         (Pete Zaitcev)
- indent NCR5380.{c,h}, g_NCR5380.{c,h}, plus 
  NCR5380 fix                                   (Alan Cox)
- SPARC32/64 update                             (David S. Miller)
- Fix atyfb warnings                            (David S. Miller)
- Make bootmem init code correctly align 
  bootmem data                                  (David S. Miller)
- Networking updates                            (David S. Miller)
- Fix scanning luns > 7 on SCSI-3 devices       (Michael Clark)
- Add sparse lun hint for Chaparral G8324 
        Fibre-SCSI controller                   (Michael Clark)
- Really apply sg changes                       (me)
- Parport updates                               (Tim Waugh)
- ReiserFS updates                              (Vladimir V. Saveliev)
- Make AGP code scan all kinds of devices:
  they are not always video ones                (Alan Cox)
- EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS in floppy.c                 (Alan Cox)
- Pentium IV Hyperthreading support             (Alan Cox)


- Added missing tcp_diag.c and tcp_diag.h       (me)


- Enable ppro errata workaround                 (Dave Jones)
- Update tmpfs documentation                    (Christoph Rohland)
- Fritz!PCIv2 ISDN card support                 (Kai Germaschewski)
- Really apply ymfpci changes                   (Pete Zaitcev)
- USB update                                    (Greg KH)
- Adds detection of more eepro100 cards         (Troy A. Griffitts)
- Make ftruncate64() compliant with SuS         (Andrew Morton)
- ATI64 fb driver update                        (Geert Uytterhoeven)
- Coda fixes                                    (Jan Harkes)
- devfs update                                  (Richard Gooch)
- Fix ad1848 breakage in -pre2                  (Alan Cox)
- Network updates                               (David S. Miller)
- Add cramfs locking                            (Christoph Hellwig)
- Move locking of page_table_lock on expand_stack
  before accessing any vma field                (Manfred Spraul)
- Make time monotonous with gettimeofday        (Andi Kleen)
- Add MODULE_LICENSE(GPL) to ide-tape.c         (Mikael Pettersson)
- Minor cs46xx ioctl fix                        (Thomas Woller)


- Remove userland header from bonding driver    (David S. Miller)
- Create a SLAB for page tables on i386         (Christoph Hellwig)
- Unregister devices at shaper unload time      (David S. Miller)
- Remove several unused variables from various
  places in the kernel                          (David S. Miller)
- Fix slab code to not blindly trust cc_data():
  it may be not valid on some platforms         (David S. Miller)
- Fix RTC driver bug                            (David S. Miller)
- SPARC 32/64 update                            (David S. Miller)
- W9966 V4L driver update                       (Jakob Jemi)
- ad1848 driver fixes                           (Alan Cox/Daniel T. Cobra)
- PCMCIA update                                 (David Hinds)
- Fix PCMCIA problem with multiple PCI busses   (Paul Mackerras)
- Correctly free per-process signal struct      (Dave McCracken)
- IA64 PAL/signal headers cleanup               (Nathan Myers)
- ymfpci driver cleanup                         (Pete Zaitcev)
- Change NLS "licenses" to be "GPL/BSD" instead 
  only BSD.                                     (Robert Love)
- Fix serial module use count                   (Russell King)
- Update sg to 3.1.22                           (Douglas Gilbert)
- ieee1394 update                               (Ben Collins)
- ReiserFS fixes                                (Nikita Danilov)
- Update ACPI documentantion                    (Patrick Mochel)
- Smarter atime update                          (Andrew Morton)
- Correctly mark ext2 sb as dirty and sync it   (Andrew Morton) 
- IrDA update                                   (Jean Tourrilhes)
- Count locked buffers at
  balance_dirty_state(): Helps interactivity under
  heavy IO workloads                            (Andrew Morton)
- USB update                                    (Greg KH)
- ide-scsi locking fix                          (Christoph Hellwig)


- Change USB maintainer                         (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
- Speeling fix for rd.c                         (From Ralf Baechle's tree)
- Updated URL for bigphysmem patch in v4l docs  (Adrian Bunk)
- Add buggy 440GX to broken pirq blacklist      (Arjan Van de Ven)
- Add new entry to Sound blaster ISAPNP list    (Arjan Van de Ven)
- Remove crap character from Configure.help     (Niels Kristian Bech Jensen)
- Backout erroneous change to lookup_exec_domain (Christoph Hellwig)
- Update osst sound driver to 1.65              (Willem Riede)
- Fix i810 sound driver problems                (Andris Pavenis)
- Add AF_LLC define in network headers          (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
- block_size cleanup on some SCSI drivers       (Erik Andersen)
- Added missing MODULE_LICENSE("GPL") in some   (Andreas Krennmair)
- Add ->show_options() to super_ops and 
  implement NFS method                          (Alexander Viro)
- Updated i8k driver                            (Massimo Dal Zoto)
- devfs update                                  (Richard Gooch)

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