Linux 2.6.39 -rc6

“Most of the stuff here no normal user will ever really notice
(like the ARM kprobes series), and most of the rest is the usual
one-liner random driver stuff.

“But we had one really interesting bug that showed itself as an
RCU failure on UP, which turned out to be due to a scheduler
problem, which in turn turned out to be a timer initialization
issue. That was interesting and rather obscure.

“But most of it is just pretty random. Some media updates, some
NFS work, some drm fixes, documentation, etc. Pretty small, and the
bugs have been pretty obscure on the whole. We’re still chasing
some stuff down, but I think we’re ok for -rc6. This isn’t going to
be the final -rc, but it doesn’t seem to be in bad shape, and
people who have posted regression reports please check them again,
and people who haven’t, please do give it a test.”