Linux 3.14 rc2

It’s been pretty quiet, actually, which should make me happy. But I
have a suspicious nature, and I’m going to wait to see if the other
shoe drops, and people are just lulling me into a false sense of
security. Because I know kernel developers, and they are sneaky.  I
suspect Davem (to pick somebody not at random) is giggling to himself,
waiting for this release message, planning to send me some big-ass
pull request tomorrow.

Because that’s the kind of people you guys are.

Anyway, what little there was looks normal: roughly two thirds drivers
(gpu, block, media, misc), with almost half the remaining patches
being architecture updates (x86, s390 and arm64). With the rest being
filesystems (vfs, nfs, ocfs, btrfs and some kernfs fixes), some mm
noise, and tooling (perf).

Shortlog appended, which doesn’t always happen for rc2.