Linux 3.14 rc3

When I made the rc2 announcement, I mentioned how nice and small it
was. I also mentioned that I mistrusted you guys, and that I suspected
that some people were giggling to themselves and holding back their
pull requests, evil little creatures like you are.

And I hate being right. rc2 was quite small, but rc3 makes up for it.
I quietly took all the pull requests because clearly this wasn't a
surprise, but I'm warning you - I'm going to start cursing at people
if it looks like this trend is going to continue. You've been warned.

Anyway, because the shortlog is pretty hefty, I'm doing my overview
"mergelog" here, and will post the shortlog separately as a reply to
this email for people who want more detail. The bulk is the networking
and random drivers (net, staging, usb, block, infiniband..) but
there's some arch updates too (powerpc, arm, x86) and some
documentation updates.