Linux 3.18 rc7

Things are calming down nicely, and everything looks pretty normal.
In fact, if it wasn't for the pending issues with odd watchdog (and
possibly rcu) lockups I'd be pretty happy. As it is, that isn't a
regression from 3.17, but is still very disturbing.

At the same time, with the holidays coming up, and the problem _not_
being a regression, I suspect that what will happen is that I'll
release 3.18 on time in a week, because delaying it will either mess
up the merge window and the holiday season, or I'd have to delay it a

We'll see. Maybe DaveJ will be able to bisect it a bit now that the
false lead of "3.17 was ok" has been shown to be wrong (right now it
looks like the problem seems to have crept in between 3.16 and 3.17).

Annoying, because as mentioned, other than that we seem to be doing
well. The rc7 patch looks very normal, with two thirds being drivers
(spread all over: usb, networking, staging, thermal, gpu, sound..) and
half of the remaining being arch updates (mostly mips, arm, powerpc).
The remaining is mainly networking and some filesystem fixes (nfsd and