Linux 3.19 rc5

Another week, another -rc.

Fairly normal release, although I'd wish that by rc5 we'd have calmed
down even further. But no, with some of the driver tree merges in
particular, this is actually larger than rc4 was.

That said, it's not like there is anything particularly scary in here.

The arm64 vm bug that I mentioned as pending in the rc4 notes got
fixed within a day of that previous rc release, and the rest looks
pretty standard. Mostly drivers (networking, usb, scsi target, block
layer, mmc, tty etc), but also arch updates (arm, x86, s390 and some
tiny powerpc fixes), some filesystem updates (fuse and nfs), tracing
fixes, and some perf tooling fixes.

Shortlog with the details appended.

Go forth and test.