Linux 3.2 rc2

“Linux 3.2-rc2 is out there now. Well, the git trees are there
(kernel.org and github), and the tar-file should be all done, but
the patch is still uploading. One thng worth noting: I got the new
release scripts right, so now the -rc2 files are found in their
proper location under “v3.x/testing”, unlike -rc1 that got put
directly in “v3.x”. I’ll fix the -rc1 location when I’m somewhere
with better network. And for being an -rc2 release of a pretty
large merge-window, it seems to be quite reasonably sized. In fact,
despite this having been the largest linux-next in a release in our
linux-next history (I think), rc2 has the exact same number of
commits since rc1 as we had during the 3.1 release.

About half the changes are architecture fixups (m68k and arm,
with some powerpc and a smattering of others) Of the rest, about
half is drivers (much of it drm), and the rest is “filesystems and
sundry updates”.

The shortlog is appended for people who enjoy that level of