Linux 3.2 rc3

“Hey, since most of the US will be in a food-induced coma
tomorrow, I just *know* that doing a new release candidate is a
good idea.

One quarter arch updates, two quarters drivers, and one quarter
random changes. Shake vigorously and serve cold..

And maybe the rest of the world can try to make up for the lack
of any expected US participation? Hmm?

Anyway, whether you will be stuffing yourself with turkey
tomorrow or not, there’s a new -rc out. I’d love to say that things
have been calming down, and that the number of commits just keep
shrinking, but I’d be lying. -rc3 is actually bigger than -rc2,
mainly due to a network update (none in -rc2) and with Greg doing
his normal usb/driver-core/tty/staging thing.

We also had a drm update.

That said, most of the commits are pretty small and reasonable.
So there’s certainly more churn than I’d like, but it’s not like
it’s a lot of big changes, there’s just a fair number of small
things going on. The shortlog (appended) gives a fair flavor of the