Linux 3.3 rc5

“Hey, no delays this week.

And nothing really odd going on either. Maybe things are finally
calming down.

Sure, I’d have liked it to be even calmer, and there’s is
movement in various areas: btrfs updates along with scsi and media
driver updates. And various noise elsewhere. But on the whole it’s
been pretty boring, which is just how I like it.

A couple of the fixes were directly linked to my -rc4
announcement, where I told people they could use a 64-bit kernel to
avoid the FP state save/restore problem we used to have. That
brought up some fairly corner-case compatibility issues that could
make that impractical. So hopefully it’s *true* this time

And while the FP state save problem is gone, if you have a
64-bit capable CPU but are still running a 32-bit distro, it really
would be interesting to verify that a 64-bit kernel works for you
without problems. Because it always *should* have, but clearly that
wasn’t always the case. It would be very interesting to hear from
people who have perhaps tried and failed before and perhaps didn’t
even bother to report the failure? Maybe it’s worth trying



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