Linux 3.4 rc5

Another week, another -rc. Techically it's eight days - I delayed it
for a day waiting for some testing.

And like -rc4, quite a bit of the changes came in on Friday (with some
more coming in yesterday). And we haven't been calming down, quite the
reverse. -rc5 has almost 50% more commits than -rc4 had. Not good.

That said, I don't think there is anything hugely scary there.
Annoying, yes (by now I really detest the nasty autofs ABI issues I
was fighting the last few days, for example), and I'd be happier if
things had been quieter, but much of this is really pretty small and
trivial. It's fairly spread out: ~50% drivers, 20% arch, 15% fs
(mainly btrfs and nfs), 5% networking, and random noise.