Linux 3.5 rc5

Another week, another -rc. This one looks more normal than rc4, in
that drivers are back to the more usual 60+%. Probably because there's
a networking pull in here, which rc4 didn't have.

The diffstat also looks uglier, because while *most* of it is nice and
small, the printk fixes do stand out a bit. But it was a real
regression from 3.4, so it's not like it's questionable. UDF also got
more careful about corrupted filesystems at mount-time, and that also
shows in the diffstat, but that's at least partly because some of the
checks were cleaned up an dmoved to a helper function while making
them more complete. So the actual change is smaller than it looks.

So nothing really worrisome in here. Despite the networking merge
(which tends to be fairly big), -rc5 is a smaller patch than -rc4 was,
even if there are a couple more commits in there. So things seem to be
going in the right direction.

So: networking updates, media fixes, some small arch updates (x86,
arm, ppc), and some random noise.

Let me (and lkml) know if you have any pending regressions.