Linux 3.6 rc5

Hey, we're back to the *regular* release schedule, with weekly -rc's and all.

So 3.6-rc5 is out there, and everything is looking fairly calm. Too
calm, in fact, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, when Greg
finally crawls his way out from under his mailbox after the kernel
summit and kayaking. I suspect a few other developers may also have
been quiet because of the kernel summit and related travel.

I have some more travel myself coming up, but if it stays this quiet
it will hopefully not even be noticeable.

Anyway, what's new? Not a whole lot, and what is there is really
spread pretty much all over, but we're back to the usual situation
with the bulk of it being drivers: sound, mmc, networking (both wired
and wireless), pci, video.

There's some ARM (and to a lesser degree powerpc) updates too, and
some cifs stuff. And random one-liners scattered pretty much all over.
The shortlog is appended, so scan over it just to get a feel for