Linux 3.7 rc4

It's been a pretty calm week, so here's a nice small -rc for you guys.

Rafael worried me for a while with what looked like a hard-to-debug
regression report, but it turned out to be user-space breakage
instead, so things are looking pretty stable. Things also look
entirely normal: most of the changes here are various device driver
issues, with a small smattering of other stuff (nfs client update,
some minor arch updates, and some networking stuff).

The driver fixes are pretty much all over - sound, gpu, HID and input,
i2c, networking ..

Perhaps notable just because of the noise it caused in certain
circles, there's the ext4 bitmap journaling fix for the issue that
caused such a ruckus. It's a tiny patch and despite all the noise
about it you couldn't actually trigger the problem unless you were
doing crazy things with special mount options.

Other things? Nothing really stands out. The appended shortlog gives a
reasonable view into the kinds of details people have been working on.
I'll be traveling the upcoming week, but I expect to have reasonable
access to wifi, and if it stays this quiet and calm, nobody will even

Go forth and test,