Linux 4.1 rc4

So this missed my normal Sunday release, because I was out most of the
day yesterday. Plus there was a suspend regression that looked like it
had a patch imminent, so I didn’t bother making one late in the
evening, hoping for one more fix..

So here it is, last-minute fix and all. The -rc4 patch is a bit bigger
than the previous ones, but that seems to be mainly due to normal
random timing – just the fluctuation of when submaintainer trees get
pushed, and rc4 has fixes from Greg to various driver trees _and_ the
networking fixes from Davem, so the slightly larger size isn’t
indicative of any sudden problems.

But while drivers and networking dominate the changes, there’s a
random smattering of other changes. Filesystems (btrfs, nfsd) and
architecture updates (mainly arm, arm64 and mips) and some other misc

Go forth and test, and let everybody know about any regressions you find,