Linux 4.10 rc1

It's Christmas Day, and it's two weeks since the merge window opened.
Thus, the merge window is now closed.

I did a few final pulls today, but I also rejected a couple of pulls
that came in late in the window and looked dodgy. You know who you

On the whole, this wasn't all that big a release - nothing like 4.9.
Although it wasn't tiny either. I think 4.7 was smaller. 4.8 might
have been too. It's xmas day, and right now I can't be arsed to
actually do the statistics I'd normally do.

Everything looks pretty normal, although we had an unusual amount of
tree-wide final cleanups in the last days of the merge window. But the
general statistics look fairly common: a bit over half is drivers,
maybe slightly less arch updates than normal, and a fair amount of
documentation updates due to the sphinx conversion. And then the usual
misc noise all over, although the perf tooling updates do stand out.

The shortlog is much too big, as it always is during the merge window,
so as usual you just get the merge-log.